20 Watermelon Smoothies to Try in Summer


Try these refreshing watermelon smoothies in summer to hydrate your body. All these smoothies have delicious flavour and made with healthy ingredients. Watermelons are low in carbs & calories helps you to nourish your body without gaining fat & weight.

These shakes are rich in anti-oxidants & help you to get strong immune system. Kickstart your day with these nutrient rich & energy boosting smoothies.

1. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

Strawberry watermelon smoothie

This smoothie is absolutely low in calories & fat. You need just 2 ingredients to make this refreshing smoothie. The needed ingredients are 4 cups of watermelon cubes & 2 cups of frozen strawberries. Place them in a blender & blend until it turns skinny & smoother. Get the recipe from super healthy kids.

2. Watermelon Cucumber juice

Watermelon juice with cucumber

Try this quick & refreshing juice to jumpstart your summer days. It will help your body to stay cool & hydrated. The ingredients used are cucumber, kefir, mint leaves, strawberries & watermelon. Get the recipe from nutritious life.

3. Watermelon Spinach smoothie

Spinach watermelon smoothie

Try this nutrient rich shake made with mix of healthy ingredients. You can include this in your morning meal to get instant energy. It prepared with bananas, spinach, watermelon chunks & strawberries. Get the recipe from honest cooking.

4. Watermelon Banana smoothie

Banana watermelon smoothie

This thick & creamy shake is loaded with 5 simple ingredients. You can try this for your kids, if they love sweet & delicious shakes. It’s a blend of vanilla yogurt, banana, honey & whipped cream. Get the recipe from miss in the kitchen.

5. Watermelon Pineapple Smoothie

Watermelon shake with pineapple

Nourish your body with this anti-oxidant rich shake. Take this to hydrate your body at the same time to get enough vitamins & minerals. This shake is loaded with strawberries, pineapple, honey & watermelon. Blend them with ice, if you like cold smoothie. Get the recipe from paleo grubs.

6. Watermelon Mango smoothie

Mango watermelon smoothie

This heart healthy smoothie is made with 4 delicious ingredients. If you’re looking for quick & nutritious shake, then it’s perfect for you. The ingredients needed are mango chunks, low fat yogurt, banana & chopped watermelon. Get the recipe from eating well.

7. Chia watermelon juice

Watermelon milkshake

Add this healthy & delicious shake to your breakfast to get important nutrients like vitamins & minerals. It’s low in sugars & good for your health. The ingredients needed are chilled milk, chia seeds, frozen watermelon, honey, strawberry & lime juice. Get the recipe from curry trail.

8. Creamy watermelon milkshake

Watermelon milkshake

Try this creamy milkshake comes with wonderful flavour. This sweet & delicious shake is made with coconut milk instead of using dairy milk. It’s rich in vitamins, electrolytes & minerals. The ingredients are vanilla extract, maple syrup,coconut flakes & milk. Use chocolate chips for garnishing. Get the recipe from cook nourish bliss.

9. Watermelon Orange juice

Watermelon orange juice

start your morning with this skinny juice rich in Vitamin C & Anti-oxidants. The ingredients needed are 1 cup of orange juice, 4 cups of watermelon cubes & mint leaves. Use sugar or honey to increase sweetness. Get the recipe from veg recipes of india.

10. Watermelon Vanilla Shake

Vanilla shake

This delicious & creamy shake is very easy to make & have rich flavour. You need only 2 ingredients to make this smoothie which are watermelon & vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe from cookilicious.

11. Watermelon Cooler juice

Watermelon coconut juice

Everyone should drink this juice in summer. It replenish your body with electrolytes which is essential for optimal health & also helps you to stay cool during hot days. It loaded with coconut water, watermelon & strawberries. Get the recipe from healthful pursuit.

12. Watermelon honey smoothie

This sweet & low carb smoothie is made with 3 ingredients. You can start your morning with this skinny & low sugar juice. It loaded with honey, mint leaves & frozen watermelon. Get the recipe from pinch of yum.

13. Lime watermelon juice

Lime watermelon juice

Each sip of the juice has delicious flavour with combination of refreshing ingredients. It’s a blend of limes, mint leaves & seedless watermelon. Get the recipe from table for two.

14. Watermelon Smoothie bowl

Watermelon smoothie bowl

This vegan & nutritious smoothie bowl is loaded with nutrient rich ingredients. The ingredients used are banana, milk, kiwi, almonds & acai fruit. You can add this in your breakfast to get healthy calories. Get the recipe from watermelon.

15. Watermelon kale juice

This green juice is an combination of 4 ingredients. Take this in hot days to detox & replenish your body. Make this by blending kale, cucumber & limes in a blender. You need only 5 minutes to prepare this healthy juice. Get the recipe from clean eating kitchen.

16. Watermelon Peach Smoothie

Peach smoothie

Try this thick & delicious smoothie made of 4 healthy ingredients. it’s low in calories & carbs, perfect for weight loss. The ingredients needed are coconut milk, peaches & mint leaves for topping. Get the recipe from seasonal cravings.

17. Guava watermelon smoothie

Guava watermelon juice

Guavas contains more vitamin C than many fruits & also rich in antioxidants and fiber. Drinking this shake makes your stomach full and provides you more nutrients. It loaded with guava, banana & watermelon. Add sugar if needed. Get the recipe from your veg recipe.

18. Blueberry watermelon shake

Watermelon blueberry shake

Drink this immune boosting smoothie to strengthen your immune system. It’s easy to make & needs only 2 ingredients. The combination of watermelon & blueberries with ice gives you wonderful taste & flavour. Get the recipe from add a pinch.

19. Watermelon cherry smoothie

Cherry smoothie

quench your thirst with this sweet & cold smoothie made of 4 ingredients. Make this by blending fresh lime, sweet cherries & mint in a blender. Get the recipe from yay for food.

20. Watermelon Grape Juice

Watermelon juice with grapes & lemonStart your morning with this energy boosting smoothie rich in Vitamin C & minerals. The ingredients needed are lemon juice, white grapes, mint leaves & honey. Add correct amount of water based on number of servings. Get the recipe from happy foods tube.


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