USA Bucket List: 12 Must Have Experiences in United States

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Are you ready to explore the United states? Here are top experiences that you can add to your USA bucket list. The US is home to many popular tourist attractions, beaches, national parks and nature wonders. This list will help you to prepare your US trip which consists of thrilling and enchanting activities.

1.Visit Niagara falls

Niagara falls aerial view

One of the most enticing and highly visited waterfall in the world sits between borders of canada (ontario) and United states (new york city). The niagara falls consists of three waterfalls, Horseshoe falls, American falls and bridal veil falls. Where horseshoe falls is largest among all falls and also known as Canadian falls.

During summer, niagara falls clogged up with many tourists and queue will be long. To avoid overtourism, you can visit niagara during fall. Travellers can also visit surrounding tourist places like old Fort niagara, Tranquil gardens, Marineland and Aquarium of niagara.

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2. Grand canyon

Grand canyon national park

a strange place to visit in US is Grand canyon, which is one of amazing nature wonder in the world. It’s 440 km long canyon where colorodo river runs. These sight draws large number of Tourists due to its breathtaking views and also home to grand canyon national park. One of adventure thing to do here is walking on a grand canyon Sky walk, a horseshoe shaped glass bridge from 4000 feet above the floor.

3. Statue of liberty

Statue of liberty with sunset

This is popular tourist attraction in United states located in new york. This incredible monument was sculpted by french sculptor Frederick Auguste Bartholdi. It is said to be figure of roman goddess, Libertas and holds a torch in right hand above her head. The statue is 43 metres tall and 93 metres high from the ground. The statue of liberty is part of UNESCO World heritage site and also US national monument. It’s must see place, if you are visiting new york.

4. Explore Yellowstone national park

River flowing through yellowstone national park

USA is home to more than 60 national parks and yellowstone is considered as first national park in the world. This national park is well known for its old faithful geyser and home to beautiful mountains, landscapes, forests, hot springs and mud pots.

The national park located among Wyoming, montana and idaho. Yellowstone also emerged as UNESCO site in 1978. Some best things to experience in yellowstone are exploring grand prismatic spring, grand canyon of the yellowstone, yellowstone lake and mammoth hot springs. This is highly recommended place to add in your USA bucket list.

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5. Experience Walt disney world resort

Magic kingdom in walt disney world resort

The world famous resort and theme park, Walt disney world is one of the best place to visit in USA. It’s located in florida and wonderful place to spend your weekend with family and kids. The park is filled with magic kingdom, disney’s animal kingdom, Hollywood studios, waterparks and resorts. You can also find golf courses and camping resorts around here. This popular destination attracts millions of visitors each year and a great place to have more fun and entertainment.

6. Glacier national park

Glaciers in glacier national park, alaska

Another beautiful place to add in your USA bucket list is glacier national park. This is the place where you can experience beautiful wildlife, lakes, glaciers and enchanting nature wonders. It’s one of highly visited US national park located in montana. The park offers lot of outdoor activities and highline trail is most popular activity here.

Don’t forget to visit avalanche lake, the most calm and picturesque spot surrounded with scenic mountains and waterfalls. Grinnell glacier, Jackson glacier and Salamander glaciers are most wonderful glaciers in glacier national park.

7. The metropolitan museum of art

The metropolitan museum of art

If you are art lover, then metropolitan art museum is the ideal place to experience various art works. The museum features great arts and paintings which blows the visitors. This is largest museum in united states located in new york city. A egyptian temple and Washington crossing the delaware are popular attractions in the museum. This is must visit museum in new york which features historical Art collections. You can either buy a tickets at museum or online and price varies from students to adults.

8. Blue ridge parkway

Blue ridge parkway runs along mountains

If you love driving, then take this amazing blue ridge parkway roadtrip with 750 km long route. This is one of scenic route in america which offers riders beautiful views and unforgettable experience. This route runs along the mountain chain called blue ridge where you can mingle with nature.

The road begins at Shenandoah national park and ends at great smoky mountains national park. This long route connects more than 25 North carolina and Virginia Counties. The whole trip takes atleast three days or a week, if you want to get most out of it. Some important spots on this route are Mabry mill ( milepost 176), Rocky knob recreation area ( Milepost 169), Mill mountain and roanoke star (Milepost 120) and Apple orchard mountain (Milepost 76.5).

9. Visit Lake Mcdonald

Boats docked on lake mcdonald

You can find many beautiful lakes in united states and lake Mcdonald is the most scenic lake you can enjoy. The lake sits in the glacier national park and also main attraction in the park. The entire lake 16 kilometres long and have a depth of 130m. This is also great photographic place surrounding with glaciers. You can enjoy awesome views and clear water.

10. Surfing

Surfer with surf board

Surfing is popular outdoor activity in united states and a great thing to experience, if you are surfer. Some best places for surfing are New Smyrne beach (florida), South padre island (texas), Montawk point ( new york), Ocean city ( new jersey) and Virginia beach.

11. Whale watching

Humpback whale

Whale watching is an unusual activity but worth thing to experience in US. If you not seen whales before or if you love watching large whales ,then this is perfect activity to add in your bucket list. Whales are largest species in the world and blue whales can weigh upto 300,000 pounds.

You can find several places for whale watching in united states. Some popular destinations are San juan islands for seeing orcas, humpback and grey whales. To watch finbacks and minkes, visit bar harbor in maine. Other amazing places for whale watching are maui, Cape cod, juneau (alaska) and jacksonville (florida). The best time for whale watching are november to may.

12. Go Sky diving in hawaii

Hawaii is one of most beautiful place to explore in USA. It is well known for its enchanting beaches, islands and recreational and adventurous activities. Where sky diving is one of thrilling activity you can experience in hawaii. You can skydive from 12000 to 20,000 feet in oahu and hanolulu. It costs from $250 to 1600 dollars based on the height you choose. Other awesome places for skydiving are anchorage (alaska), montrey (california) and keywest (florida).

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