15 Turmeric Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Immune System

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Everyone should include turmeric in their diet because of its powerful medicinal properties. One of the best way to take this spice is by mixing it in smoothies. You can use turmeric with other ingredients to make spicy & healthy smoothies.

Some major benefits of turmeric are,

  • Helps to heal wounds fastly.
  • Will Strengthen your immune system.
  • Improves memory & digestion.
  • Helps with aging.
  • Helps to detox your body.

It has anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties which protects you from harmful diseases & germs. You can prepare these below smoothies with in minutes without much effort.

1. Turmeric Green Smoothie

Turmeric green smoothie

This Smoothie is loaded with lot of healthy ingredients which helps to detox your body & also improves immunity. The ingredients used are pineapple, spinach, ground turmeric, almond milk, flax seeds & coconut oil. Get the recipe from fool proof living.

2. Turmeric mango smoothie

Mango turmeric smoothie

If you want a quick & healthy breakfast recipe, try this one. It contains essential nutrients which gives you energy to start your day. The ingredients are oats, ginger, turmeric, mango & milk. Get the recipe from lively table.

3. Creamy Golden Milk Smoothie

Turmeric smoothie with ginger

Try this spicy golden milk smoothie made with 7 healthy ingredients. You can try this for breakfast or in post meal to get more nutrients. It’s a blend of black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, carrot juice, ginger, banana & ground turmeric. Get the recipe from minimalist baker.

4. Turmeric chocolate smoothie

Cocoa turmeric smoothie

Start your day with this energy boosting smoothie filled with 5 delicious ingredients. You can make this within 5 minutes by blending dates, bananas, pistachios, milk & cocoa turmeric paste in a blender. Get the recipe from Mccormick.

5. Keto Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric keto smoothie

If you’re looking for healthy keto shake, then try this turmeric smoothie. It loaded with healthy fats rich in omega 3 fatty acids & contains low carbs. The ingredients are cinnamon, almond milk, coconut milk, ginger, turmeric & chia seeds. Get the recipe from i eat keto.

6. Turmeric anti-inflammatory smoothie

Fat burning turmeric smoothie

You need only 4 ingredients to make this vegan smoothie & also it’s good for fat loss. It have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which fights against bacteria & harmful germs. The ingredients used are carrots, ginger, oranges & turmeric. Add honey for sweetness. Get the recipe from paleo grubs.

7. Turmeric Lassi Smoothie

Turmeric yogurt smoothie

Drink this delicious cold shake during hot summer to stay hydrated. It contains high protein & have low fat. The ingredients used are turmeric, mango, ginger, coconut milk & greek yogurt. Get the recipe from openfit.

8. Turmeric Kale Smoothie

This immune boosting smoothie is made with banana, kale, almond milk, honey & turmeric powder. This nutritious shake helps you to fuel your body with essential nutrients. Get the recipe from food flavorz.

9. Turmeric orange shake

Turmeric vanilla smoothie

Try this creamy & nutritious smoothie to get more vitamins & minerals. It’s a blend of vanilla yogurt, orange juice, cinnamon, walnuts, vanilla extract, mango cubes & honey. Get the recipe from walnuts.

10. Turmeric Protein Shake

Turmeric smoothie

Try this protein rich shake to get high quality amino acids which stimulates growth of muscle. The ingredients used are frozen banana, plain greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, mango chunks , cinnamon & ginger. Add whey protein powder for faster absorption. Get the recipe from eating bird food.

11. Turmeric Peach Smoothie

Peach turmeric smoothie

This thick & healthy protein shake provides all macro nutrients like protein, carbs & fats. You can have this in your breakfast and also it’s quick & easy to make. The ingredients needed are spinach, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, protein powder & fresh peaches. Get the recipe from heal nutrition.

12. Strawberry Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric strawberry smoothie

You can make this delicious smoothie using simple ingredients like pineapple, almond milk, banana, agave syrup & turmeric. Serve this to your kids to boost brain health & digestion. Get the recipe from orchids and sweettea.

13. Turmeric Passion fruit Smoothie

Passion fruit smoothie

This nutritious smoothie is loaded with 6 healthy ingredients. You can make this with in minutes by placing & blending all ingredients in a blender. The ingredients are natural yogurt, passion fruit, orange juice, banana & honey. get the recipe from sainsbury’s megazine.

14. Turmeric wake up smoothie

Turmeric wake up smoothie

Start your morning with this ultra delicious turmeric smoothie made with flax seed meal, banana, almond milk & peaches. Get the recipe from orchids and sweettea.

15. Golden Turmeric latte

Turmeric milk smoothie

Everyone should try this creamy golden smoothie comes with delicious flavour. You can drink this before bed time or in morning. The ingredients are almond milk, coconut milk, cinnamon, collagen peptides, cardamom & honey. Get the recipe from wicked spatula.

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