Turkey Bucket List: 15 Must Have Experiences in Turkey

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Turkey is most visited country in the middle east filled with interesting landmarks and Amazing experiences. The country attracted more than 50 million visitors in 2019 which was record breaking. The reason turkey attracts vast number of tourists are there are lot of enchanting things to see and do here and also it’s home to beautiful cities like Istanbul, antalya, ankara, Cappadocia and trabzon.

Here we covered top experiences that you can add in your Turkey bucket list.

1. Visit Hagia Sofya

Hagia sophia panoramic view

Hagia sofia is one of top tourist attraction located in istanbul and built in AD 537. The building was orginally used as a cathedral and now it is museum with numerous art collections. Like eiffel tower in paris, hagia sofia is a important landmark of the city. This incredible building is very famous for its massive dome and this sight attracts more than 3 million visitors annually.

The interior of this monument is made with marbles and mosaics. The landmark is also surrounded with sea and mountains which offers beautiful views to visitors. It is free to visit for childrens under 8 years and tickets price are $10.25 for adults. You can reserve tickets early online to avoid long queue in peak time.

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2. Explore Antalya

Kaputas beach in antalya

Antalya is turkey’s most beautiful city and popular among tourists. It’s home to beautiful beaches, resorts, cliffs and luxury hotels. It’s most popular leisure destination in turkey. This mediterranean city also regarded as gateway of ‘turkish riveria’. Some best things to do are Visiting antalya museum, Hadrian’s gate, Duden waterfalls, Old town, old harbor, Lara beach, and Konyaalti beach. Antalya is great destination to explore in turkey and highly recommended for beach and coasts lovers.

3. Visit Ephesus

Ephesus temple, turkey

Ephesus is an ancient greek town well known for its temple of artemis. This is important historical place in the country and draws millions of visitors every year. This ancient town is also part of UNESCO world heritage site. The city is located approximately 569 kms from istanbul or You can take a 1 hour flight to reach there and a great day trip from istanbul.

Top tourist attractions in ephesus are terrace houses, The house of the virgin mary, the selcuk museum, The temple of artemis and cathedral of saint jhon.

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4. Ride hot air balloon at cappadocia

Hot air balloon flying in cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of highly visited tourist place in turkey. It is home to rocky mountains, underground cities and caves. There are lot of things to see and do there, Where riding hot air balloon is popular activity to experience here. This ride costs between $150 to 200 per person depending on company you choose. It’s must add experience in your turkey travel bucket list.

5. Take bath at pamukkale

Thermal pools in pamukkale

This western turkish town famous for its thermal waters which flows down on terraces. This water is rich in minerals which relaxes and rejuvenate your body. The entrance fee for swimming there is around $9 for adults and children. The bright appearance of these pools is due to limestone walls formed by calcium rich water. This is must visit place if you are travelling to western turkey.

6. Visit mount nemrut

Sculptures in mount nemrut
Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Mount nemrut is 2,134 high mountain which is home to large statues. This region is also part of UNESCO heritage site announced in 1987. The area is located 40 kms from adiyaman, the nearest town from mount nemrut. You can get there by car or even helicopter.

7. Enjoy beautiful views at Kabak beach

Kabak beach

Kabak is a beautiful beach located in fethiye where you can swim and enjoy scenic views. The beach is surrounding with hills, dense forests, waterfalls and canyons. The beach is clean with wonderful blue waters. You can also stay at olive garden hotel which overlooks Mediterranean and comes with infinite pools and wonderful views.

8. Take Eastern express

Eastern express train running amidst of snow landscape

Taking this train journey is Another amazing experience to add it in your turkey bucket list. This long train route about 1,310 Km will offer scenic views to passengers which runs from Ankara to Kars railway station. The entire journey takes more than 24 hours but it gives you oppurtunity to experience beautiful corners of the country that you never seen before. This journey covers enchanting nature attractions like landscapes, rivers, mountains and lakes. This is one of the best thing to do in turkey if you have more time to spend there.

9. Visit Aladaglar national park

aladgalar national park in nigde, turkey
Source: goturkeytourism.com

Turkey is home to many jawdropping national parks where Aladaglar national park is must visit place among them. It is filled with more than hundred lakes, waterfalls and dense pine forests and offers scenic and breathtaking views to visitors. The place is also great for hikers, trekkers and campers. Kapuzbasi waterfall and glacier lakes are best things to see in the park. The national park is situated among borders of nigde, keyseri and adana regions.

10. Topkapi palace

Topkapi palace museum

Topkapi is one of the largest museum in istanbul and used as main residence of the Ottomon sultans during 15th century. The palace is overlooking Golden horn near Marmara sea. The museum is open everyday except tuesdays where ticket booths are closed at 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm during winter and summer respectively. It features interesting art collections of Ottomon empire and also books & manuscripts. The tickets cost around $10 or you can buy a Turkey museum pass, with this you can also allowed to visit Hagia sophia.

11. Duden Waterfalls

Duden waterfalls in antalya

Duden is one of most visited waterfall in turkey located in Antalya region. The waterfall consists of two waterfalls, Upper and Lower. Here you can also breathe fresh air and can swim in Clean and refreshing water. Visiting Duden waterfall is one of the best thing to experience in Antalya. Upper waterfalls is more scenic than lower waterfalls. Lower duden waterfall is directly mix in Mediterranean sea. You can also take a private boat trip to shoot attractive photos and videos.

12. Refresh yourself at Cemberlitas Hamami

If you want to rejuvenate your body and soul, take this refreshing Ayurvedic bath which constructed in 15th century. The Bath is famous among locals and international Tourists. Other than bath, other services also available for visitors that includes Oil massage, head massage and Clay facial masks. The hamam is heated still in a traditional way by heating wooden chips which warms the entire place. online reservation is also available which costs around $40.

13. Tour Uzungol lake

Uzungal lake valley

If you like Calm and scenic place, then Uzungol is perfect location for you. It’s a beautiful lake and village located near trabzon which offers visitors breathtaking views. This picturesque region with Enticing mountain, Valley, lake and Village is a must visit place in turkey. Uzungol also became popular tourist attraction in recent years and draws many local and international travellers. It gives feeling of being in switzerland because of its green landscapes and valley.

14. Visit Kaymakli Underground city

Kaymakli underground city cappadocia
Image Source: cappadocia4u.com

Want an amazing travel experience? Explore this kaymakli underground city in cappadicia. As cappadocia is home to interesting cave hotels, balloon rides and rocky landscapes but Kaymakli and Derinkuyu are popular tourist destination in the town. This underground village excites visitors with its hundreds of narrow and inclined tunnels. Surely, kaymakli is worth to add in your turkey bucket list.

15. Walk across the Galata bridge

Galata bridge golden horn

Galata bridge is popular among tourists which crosses the golden horn in istanbul. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful sunset and also picture-perfect place to shoot photos. You can also visit galata tower, a nearby landmark to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

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Turkey bucket list and experiences

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