20 Strawberry Smoothies for Weight Loss

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Strawberries are used as main ingredient in many smoothies due to its health benefits & flavour. These below strawberry smoothies needs less ingredients & effort to make. You can add these in your breakfast, lunch or low calorie diet.

Replace your heavy meal with these easy smoothies to avoid taking excessive & non-healthy calories which puts additional fat in your body. Use high powered blenders to make smoothies faster & smoother.

1. Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie

By adding spinach with strawberry, you get a healthy smoothie loaded with vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants. To make this smoothie, you need 3 cups of spinach, peeled banana, strawberries, pineapple, almond milk & chia seeds. Get the recipe from well plated.

2. Easy Strawberry smoothie

Frozen strawberry smoothie

This smoothie is easy to make & you need only 4 ingredients, Strawberries, cranberry & raspberry juice, vanilla yogurt & orange juice. These nutrients rich ingredients gives nice flavour for smoothie. You can make this juice with in 5 minutes by blending all ingredients in a blender. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

3. Strawberry banana smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothie

If you looking for perfect breakfast smoothie, then try this one. It’s easy to make & ready to serve within minutes. It made with fresh strawberries, greek yogurt, banana & milk. This smoothie will help you to get instant energy & provides all essential nutrients. Get the recipe from down shift ology.

4. Strawberry watermelon smoothie

Watermelon strawberry smoothie

Try this refreshing & delicious smoothie for summer, if you want to stay hydrated. To prepare this smoothie, put frozen strawberries, watermelon chunks, ice, orange & lemon juice in a blender & blend until it turns smooth. This vegan smoothie is low in calories & you can include it in your weight loss diet. Get the recipe from the mom 100.

5. Chocolate strawberry smoothie

Start your day with this energy boosting keto smoothie loaded with healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds. The needed ingredients are banana, strawberries, cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut milk, avocado, dates & chia seeds. Get the recipe from the conscious plant kitchen.

6. Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

Strawberry avocado smoothie

This refreshing low calorie smoothie made with strawberries, baby spinach, avocado, almond milk, maple syrup & banana. This smoothie is packed with essential nutrients and provides energy to start your day. It rich in Vitamin C & anti-oxidants helps to strengthen your immune system. Get the recipe from yay for food.

7. Triple berry smoothie

Strawberry blueberry smoothie

If you have busy morning, try this refreshing superfood smoothie. This quick & simple breakfast drink is made easily with in minutes. The main ingredients are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almond milk & bananas. Try this energy boosting recipe to get instant energy. Get the recipe from beaming baker.

8. Strawberry peanut butter smoothie

Strawberry peanut butter smoothie

This keto friendly strawberry smoothie is rich in healthy fats, protein & anti-oxidants. This thick & creamy vegan smoothie is made easily by blending ripe banana, strawberries, almond milk, peanut butter, vanilla extract & ground flaxseeds. Get the recipe from natalie’s health.

9. Strawberry Smoothie bowl

Strawberry smoothie bowl

This healthy smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast loaded with vitamins, minerals & protein. The ingredients used are whole milk, strawberries, blueberries & dates. The bowl is topped with sliced kiwi, granola & chia seeds. You can also customize this recipe by adding your favourite ingredients. Get the recipe from the organic kitchen.

10. Strawberry Apple Smoothie

You need only 5 mins to make this healthy smoothie. It’s rich in fiber and other important nutrients & help you to keep your stomach full. This vegan fruit smoothie is a blend of frozen strawberries, apple, milk, yogurt & honey for sweetness. Get the recipe from gimme delicious.

11. Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

Strawberry pineapple smoothie

You can make this delicious smoothie only with 3 ingredients, Strawberry, pineapple & almond milk. Both fruits forms a healthy combination of smoothie & provides energy to start your morning. You can add this in your weigh loss diet or during breakfast. Get the recipe from gluten free palate.

12. Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Try this refreshing smoothie from urban bliss life made with carrot, ginger, strawberry, orange & mango. It loaded with tons of healthy nutrients help you to stay healthy & strong. You can also drink this to detox to your body as it contains ginger.

13. Strawberry Cheesecake smoothie

Strawberry cheesecake smoothie

Serve this delicious smoothie for or anytime of the day to get instant energy. The combination of fresh strawberries & cheesecake gives you superb taste with more nutrients. It made from strawberries, greek yogurt, whipping cream & cheese cake. Get the recipe from little dairy on the prairie.

14. Strawberry Matcha smoothie

Matcha smoothie

Strengthen your immune system with this green strawberry smoothie processed with matcha green tea powder, bananas, strawberries & coconut milk. To make smoothie sweeter, add maple syrup, honey or agave syrup. Get the recipe from the parent spot.

15. Strawberry Pomegranate smoothie

Pomegranate smoothie

Pomegranate have many health benefits, by combining it with fresh strawberries, you’ll get a sweet & nutritious smoothie. Taking this drink daily will keep your body cells younger as it contains more anti-oxidants than other fruits. Get the recipe from simply blended smoothies.

16. Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Take this breakfast smoothie to keep your stomach full as well as to get enough nutrients. Make this by blending strawberries, rolled oats, banana & almond milk in a blender. Get the recipe from marsha’s baking addiction.

17. Strawberry Peach Smoothie

Strawberry peach smoothie

This fruit smoothie have good source of fiber, vitamins & minerals & ideal for breakfast. You can add this in your low carb diet. It’s easy to make & needs only 4 ingredients, peaches, strawberries, milk & low fat vanilla yogurt. Get the recipe from food viva.

18. Strawberry Blueberry smoothie

Strawberry blueberry juice

Both fruits have high anti-aging properties good for healthy body cells. Try this for breakfast or dinner, if you want lighter & nutritious meal. Serve this refreshing drink to your kids with their regular meal. Get the recipe from lil luna.

19. Strawberry Protein Shake

Strawberry protein smoothie

Drink this protein rich shake to get enough protein in your daily diet. Protein is an important macronutrient helps to repair & growth of muscle. The best way to get high quality protein easily is to use protein powder. By combining both strawberries & protein powder, you’ll get a nice flavoured protein shake. get the recipe from fit foodie finds.

20. Strawberry detox smoothie

Strawberry detox smoothieDon’t miss this delicious vegan smoothie made with strawberries, coconut water, red beet, apple, avocado, lemon juice, cayyene pepper & baby spinach. It loaded with healthy ingredients help you to kickstart your day by offering more energy to your body. Get the recipe from simply recipes.

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