15 Healthy Spinach Smoothies for Breakfast

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Spinach is rich in iron, potassium & also low in calories. adding it in your weight loss diet gives you good results. Using spinach, we can make healthy green smoothies with in minutes. These below smoothies are made by combining spinach with other nutrient rich foods.

1. Spinach Cucumber Smoothie

Spinach cucumber smoothie

Try this simple & dairy free smoothie to get enough vitamins & fiber. It also help you to detox your body by removing toxic substances. It packed with healthy ingredients such as apples, cucumber, almond milk & dates. Get the recipe from happy foods tube.

2. Spinach Strawberry Smoothie

Spinach sttawberry smoothie

Make delicious smoothie by combining spinach & strawberry. It loaded with nutrient rich ingredients like bananas, strawberries, baby spinach & mandarin oranges. Try this for breakfast to fuel your body with energy boosting nutrients. Get the recipe from cooking classy.

3. Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

Pineapple spinach juice

Pineapples have many health benefits & rich in vitamin C & fiber. Add this healthy smoothie in your diet to strengthen your immune system. It made with only 4 ingredients such as frozen banana, non dairy milk & pineapple chunks. Get the recipe from veggies save the day.

4. Spinach Avocado Smoothie

Avocado green smoothie

Try this refreshing smoothie packed with vitamins, minerals & healthy fats. It’s very easy to make & needs only 5 ingredients. Make this by blending peeled banana, avocado, cashew butter & almond milk. Get the recipe from hot pan kitchen.

5. Spinach Kiwi Smoothie

Spinach kiwi juice

Drink this wake up smoothie daily to get adequate energy for the day. It loaded with important nutrients & has nice flavour. You can make this with in minutes by blending kiwi, orange, banana & agave syrup in a blender. Get the recipe from the green loot.

6. Guava Green Smoothie

Guava smoothie

Try this anti-oxidant rich smoothie made of 5 nutritious ingredients. It’s a blend of coconut milk, banana, strawberries & guava fruits. Guavas are highly rich in vitamin C & dietery fiber helps you to keep healthy. Get the recipe from lean mean kitchen.

7. Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

Spinach blueberry smoothie

Start your morning with this thick & creamy smoothie packed with healthy ingredients. It’s also low in calories & you can include it in weight loss diet. The ingredients used are greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, banana & half cup of any milk. Add honey for sweetness. Get the recipe from alaska from scratch.

8. Spinach Carrot Juice

Spinach carrot smoothie

Try this vegan smoothie in breakfast or snack time to replenish with essential nutrients. This refreshing smoothie is easy to make & needs common ingredients. Each sip is loaded with flax seeds, ginger, carrot, mint leaves, apples, instant oats & honey. Get the recipe from archana’s kitchen.

9. Spinach Mango Smoothie

Mango green smoothie

If you want quick & nutritious breakfast smoothie, then it’s perfect for you. It’s a blend of 4 simple ingredients which are mango, banana, milk & baby spinach. Get the recipe from gimme delicious.

10. Spinach Peach Smoothie

Spinach peach juice

This smoothie can’t taste like spinach & has a sweet flavour comes from banana & peach. Drink this healthy combination of smoothie made with almond milk, banana, peaches & baby spinach. Get the recipe from a daily smoothie.

11. Pomegranate Spinach Smoothie

Pomegranate green juice

It packed with energy boosting foods rich in anti-oxidants & minerals. you need only 4 ingredients to prepare this green smoothie. Add right amount of water based on servings & thickness. It loaded with oranges, pomegranate seeds, bananas & spinach. Get the recipe from simple green smoothies.

12. Fig Green Smoothie

Fig spinach smoothie

Figs are rich in dietary fiber which keeps your stomach full. By combining fig & spinach, you can make healthy breakfast smoothie in minutes. The ingredients are avocado, coconut water, dates, lime & figs. Get the recipe from reboot with joe.

13. Beet Spinach Smoothie

Beet spinach smoothie

You can add this healthy detox smoothie in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It packed with dense nutrients like vitamins, minerals & healthy carbs. The ingredients needed are low fat vanilla yogurt, coconut milk, apple, berries, banana & beets. Get the recipe from foodness gracious.

14. Spinach Ginger Smoothie

Ginger spinach smoothie

Try this smoothie in winter to stay away from cough & flu. Ginger have powerful medicinal properties & provides lot of health benefits to our body. The ingredients needed are yogurt, mango chunks, cucumber, ginger, orange juice & baby spinach. Get the recipe from love and olive oil.

15. Spinach Cherry Smoothie

This thick & Vibrant smoothie comes with a delicious flavour. Frozen Cherries are used to make this vegan smoothie & other ingredients needed are almond milk, spinach & banana. If you love drinking cold smoothies, then blend with 3 -4 ice cubes in it. Get the recipe from cooktoria.

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