40 Ultimate SEO tips & guide for beginners

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SEO is a search engine optimization, it is a method of optimizing your website for search engines. A well optimized site can rank higher on SERP (search engine result pages). Google is the most popular and widely used search engine with more than 3.5 billion searches per day.

Some other search engines are bing, yahoo & baidu. Each search engines have numerous algorithms to rank web pages. The web page that are seo and user friendly with well crafted content will perform better than other low quality pages.

The common and important SEO technique is to make the content that are more relevant and specific to user query. So you should understand your target audience and provide right solution and information to them.

Benefits of SEO

  • Helps to rank higher on google and other search engines.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • It helps to increase your sales and conversion.
  • It increases your brand value and brand awareness.
  • Helps to grow your customer list and your business and So on.


1. Search intent

Search intent is the understanding your audience needs and providing right type of solution for them. Search intent can be classified into four types, 1.informational, it is the content that contains information about something eg, ‘who is elon?’ Or ‘cricket score’.

2.commercial, the person who searches to buy products eg, ‘samsung mobile’ or ‘amazon coupon’.

3.navigational, the person who searches for certain website eg, ‘facebook log in’ or ‘pinterest’.

4.investigation, the person searches for particular products or service to know complete details about that product eg, ‘best protein supplement’ or ‘samsung tv review’.So the goal is to understand your target audience and their needs and provide relevant content or solution.

2.Google Auto-suggestion

It is the related keyword phrase that are frequently searched by user on google. It are displayed by google automatically when you search for something. So including that keyword phrase naturally in your content helps your site to rank higher for that keywords.

3.Domain Age

Google uses domain age for seo but it is not a major ranking factor. The difference between domain that six months old verses one year old is not a big thing.

4.Keyword in title

Title that are starts with keyword perform well and rank higher on SERP Than title that have keywords in last. So include your main keywords within 1-3 words of title.

5.Keyword in H1 and H2 Tags

Content that have keywords in H1 and H2 tags tells google about your page and helps to perform higher for that keywords. So try to include keywords in your headings and sub headings.


6.Content length

Long and in depth content rank higher on search engine. There are several benefits for long content and lengthy content increase your site authority and trust. Search engines love long content that are more than 1800 words.many research suggests that 2000 word content can rank higher and increases social sharing.

7.Keyword density

Keyword density is the number of times you can include your main keyword in content. A general rule of thumb is to include 2-3% keywords of total content. If your content is 2000 words, then you can include keywords 40- 50 times. Adding keywords more than this leads to penalty by google and makes your page less visible to users.

8.LSI keywords

Latent semantic index (LSI) Keywords helps your content to rank higher. It is the keywords that have same meaning but different names. Eg, photo, picture, image , all have same meaning but helps to target different keywords.

9.Keyword placement

It is recommended to insert keyword throughout the content. Place them in start of paragraph, headings and sub headings, title, description and URL. so keyword placements in these places tells search engine about your page and content and boost your SEO.

10.Page speed

the page speed is the amount of time taken by your hosting server to response to a user query.

the faster your server response, the faster your page speed. page speed is the google’s major ranking factor.

a study shows that the 40% of people leave website that loads more than 3 seconds. for us 3 secs looks very small but it creates big impact on your website performance. The slow page speed decreases your sales and conversions. So its important to optimize your site for speed and choose the best web hosting provider.

11.Image optimization

Optimizing your images by compressing them decreases your page size and helps to load faster. A well optimized image increases your user interation and increases shareability. Add the attractive images to for user friendly and optimized images for seo friendly.

12. Content update

You should update your old contents to keep your content fresh and up to date and this is one of the factor that google uses to determine the quality of website. You can update them by adding new and related keywords. This helps in sudden spike of your traffic and the fresh content also improves the user click through rate.


13. Internal linking

Internal links connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website. Google uses links to find out what content on your site is related and the value of that content. Google uses google bot to crawl your internal and external links and determines your content quality.internal linking increase your page views and increase your page rank.

14. Mobile friendly

The more searches were conducted on mobile than any other device. So making your website mobile friendly is important. It is one of the major ranking factor and you can make your site mobile friendly by choosing responsive web design, using AMP and CDN, increasing page speed, using small fonts size, good user experience and easy site navigation.

15. Domain authority

Websites that rank higher on SERP have high domain authority. The domain authority is most important factor for google to rank the webpage.you can increase domain authority by producing high quality content that specific to your industry, by posting consistently and frequently, by increasing inbound links and so on. If you have high domain authority than your competitors, then you can easily rank higher on SERP. So increasing domain authority is easiest way to rank higher on search engines.

16.URL for SEO

The URL for your page should be short and should include your main keyword. Dont use capital letter in your url as it can confuses search engines and your users. Use canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. Never change URL of your published And high ranking page as it can affects SEO.

17.Category and tags

When category and tagsare correctly used it boost your site SEO easily and it is very important for ecommerce sites. Dont use same name for category and tag for a post as it can confuses search engines what to rank. Example for category and tag for a ‘mens jeans black’ product page, category = fashion and tag = mens jeans or mens cloth.

18. Readability

Page readability is very important for better user experience and good user experience is important factor for search engines. Increase readabilty by using small sentences, right spelling and grammar and small paragraphs, Use right font size and use online tools to test your content readability like hemmingway and a wordpress plugin yoast SEO.

19. Sitemap

a sitemap is a list of your website’s URLs and built in xml format.

It acts as a roadmap to tell search engines what content is available and how to reach it. It plays important role in boosting your SEO. A sitemap helps search engines to easily crawl and index your site page. You can submit your website sitemap on google using google search console and also you should submit sitemap on all search engines like bing and yahoo to increase SEO. You can also generate sitemap on online using free sitemap generator tool on online.

20. Website uptime

if your hosting company does not provide the good uptime, then your website will be down for some time,

then the visitors can’t find your site online which reduces your website traffic.

Google uses a series of algorithms to search through millions of websites in the blink of an eye. If these search engine spiders discover that your site is down, they will move onto the next search result. If your website goes down consistently, Google will flag your website as unreliable. So you have to choose the good web hosting provider to make your site SEO friendly.

21. SSL Certificate

SSL is a secure socket layer which protects and secures your website from hackers and other malware activities.

it also secures your visitors information that they entered in payment details and subscription form.

If your site is protected by ssl then it signals google that your site is safe and it will send more traffic to your site.

22. Alt tag for images

An alt tag is a text description for images that tells search engines whats your image about. Applying alt tags to images can positively increase your site performance by increasing search engine rankings.

23. Anchor text in links

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. your anchor text should be relevant to the page you’re linking to. Including keyword in Anchor text is the best SEO Practice.

24. Schema markup

Schema markup is code that you add on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. Adding schema markup tells search engines about your content and organizes your page data visually attractive to increase click through rate. You can also uses rich snippets to highlight your page data.

25. Bounce rate

a bounce rate is the amount of visitors to any given website who navigate off of the site after viewing only one page. The website or page with less bounce rate increases website quality and increases the amount of time spend by your user and this is another ranking factor for google.

26. Keyword in description

Adding keywords and LSI keywords to the meta tag or description helps google to understand your page content and providing useful description also increases your user click through rate but do not stuff more keywords in description as it makes spam.


27. Geo targeting

you can focus on your target audience by enabling international audience target option in google search console. By enabling this option your keywords rank higher on that country. You can also use country coded domain like .com,.in,.ca to target country specific audience.

28. Image results

image search on Google is the second most highly used search platform behind Google.com. Searches in Google Images are made more than 10 times as often as any search on Bing or Yahoo. So optimize your images with title and alt tags and use high resolution images to increase click through rate. This method is very important for ecommerce sites.

29. Video results

video content is more engagable than normal text content. People love to watch videos and the search for videos results on google is increasing day by day so optimize and add videos to your content to rank higher on video results. You can also youtube to upload your videos as it drive more traffic to your website.

30. Longtail keyword

Longtail keyword is the best way to overtake your competition. It focus on more specific target audience and longtail keywords increases your conversion rate.there is less content on the web about long tail keywords, because less people have written about them. So it has less competion and helps you to rank higher on search engines.Longtail keyword example – ‘best smartphones under $50’.Has less competition.Head keyword example – ‘smartphone’Has high competion.

31. Link building

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. All business sites and other websites are building links to drive referral traffic to increase their site’s authority and SEO.Building links is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization because links signal to Google that your site is a quality resource and your site rank higher on search engines.

32. Low competition keywords

It is recommended to create content for low competition keywords especially when you website is new and fresh. High search volume keywords have big competition and hence find low competition keywords at beginning. You can find low competition keywords using an keyword tool (SEMRUSH) that are available online.

33.Commercial keywords

If you are running ecommerce store then, include commercial keywords such as buy,offer,discount,order,product,etc. These will help your product page to rank top on SERP by telling google that your site is ecommerce based.


34. Website optimization

Create the responsive website that are well coded and make your site seo and user friendly by selecting light weight and good structered theme. You can also hire a web expert to design a website and to fix the website errors.

35. Create social media accounts

There are several benefits by engaging in social media. Creating and posting on social media increase natural backlinks, increases your brand awareness and recognization, helps to interact and engage with your audience and helps to build community. There are many sites and business that increases their traffic with social media. More traffic equal to more conversion.

36. Voice search optimization

Optimizing your site title and adding essential keywords can boost SEO Effectively. One fifth of the queries on google are voice searches. Most people using voice searches when they are on the go, in bathroom, while cooking, watching TV, while excercising. There are lot of increase in digital assistants, So optimizing for voice search is Neccessary to your SEO success.

37. FAQ

By adding FAQs to content or page, you can promote your user experience. Another benefit is you can create questions with keywords based on user query.this will help you to increase your page rankings. You can use quora, google Auto suggestions, reddit To find and understand your audience needs.

38. Avoid penalty

You should not run your site against google guidelines, if you then, your site and page can be penalized by google and make your site less visible on SERP. See the reasons for penalizing.

39. Uniqueness

Uniqueness is the key to SEO success.you should create the content that are unique with detailed explanation. All contents or page in your site should have different title,meta description, content and URL. This ensures your site is unique and authority site and make you to rank top on search engines.

40. Google my business

using google my business help you to connect with your customers. This will also attract more new customers to you.Your Business Profile appears right when people are searching for your business on Google Search or Maps. This can drive more traffic and sales for you. read about google my business.

Google updates its ranking algorithms 500 to 600 times per year so always try to keep your website up to date. making content for users and your audience should be main priority than making content for search engines. always publish a high quality and in depth content for SEO and User friendly. make a SEO checklist before publishing any content and implement above SEO methods to rank top on search engines.

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