14 High Protein Smoothies for Weight Loss

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Protein is a macro nutrient essential for growth and repair of muscle cells. It consists of amino acids which are found in meat, dairy products, nuts & seeds. If you’re looking for high protein smoothies, then you came in the right place. Here you can find protein rich shakes which are made with and without protein powder. These smoothies are healthy, easy to make & perfect for post workouts.

1. Banana Protein Shake

Protein banana smoothieTry this milky & delicious smoothie which offers about 30 g of protein. You can find lot of protein smoothies but if you looking for thick & creamy shake, then it’s perfect for you. You need only 4 ingredients that includes banana, whole milk, protein powder & vanilla protein mix. Whole milk is used as it provides more calories & nutrients. you can also substitute it with plant based milk. Get the recipe from colleen christensen nutrition.

2. Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Chocolate protein shakeIf you want high protein shake with chocolate flavour, then try this one. It loaded with nourishing ingredients like cashew butter, greek yogurt, cocoa powder, unsweetened almond milk, banana, blueberries & chocolate protein powder. This smoothie offers more nutrients in addition to protein. This is your complete nutritious protein shake you can try at home. Get the recipe from fit foodie finds.

3. Post workout Protein Smoothie

Protein smoothieDrink this creamy & protein rich chocolatey smoothie to recover from high intensity workouts. Each sip is filled with essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins, healthy fats & minerals that help you to fuel your body after running. The ingredients used are sweet potato, frozen cauliflower, sweet cherries, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla almond milk & vital protein chocolate or protein powder. Get the recipe from eat the gains.

4. Strawberry Protein Shake

Strawberry protein shakeStrawberries gives delicious flavour to smoothies and also rich in anti-oxidants helpful for healthy immune system. Make this shake by blending vanilla protein powder, strawberries, almond milk, full fat greek yogurt & raw honey in a blender. Add ice cubes based on your needs. Get the recipe from a sweet pea chef.

5. Natural Protein Shake

Natural protein smoothieIf you want high protein smoothie without protein powder, then this smoothie is great choice for you. It’s very easy to make & helps in muscle growth. It loaded with super healthy foods which provides important nutrients to your body. The ingredients needed are hemp seeds, cocoa powder, almond milk, vanilla extract, banana & non-fat greek yogurt. Use agave or honey for sweetening. Get the recipe from fly peach pie.

6. Peanut butter protein smoothie

Protein peanut butter smoothieIf you craving for creamy & protein rich smoothie with peanut butter, then this shake is better for you. You can prepare this shake with in few minutes & needs only 5 ingredients. It loaded with banana, vanilla extract, peanut butter powder, vanilla protein powder & almond milk. Get the recipe from jennifer meyering.

7. Blueberry Protein Smoothie

Protein blueberry smoothieStart your day with this protein & anti-oxidant rich smoothie. This smoothie is absolutely vegan & gluten free. Add this in your daily diet to get quick & healthy meal rich in protein, Fiber, Vitamin A, C & K. The ingredients are almond milk, medjool dates pitted, almond butter, spinach leaves, blueberries & protein powder. Get the recipe from cook nourish bliss.

8. Pineapple Protein Smoothie

Pineapple protein smoothie Start your day with this thick & healthy protein smoothie made with superfoods like pineapple, banana, cottage cheese, vanilla extract, ground flax seeds & milk of your choice. In addition to protein, this shake also provides omega-3 fatty acids & digestive enzymes found in pineapple. Get the recipe from budget bytes.

9. Protein Green Smoothie

Green protein smoothieThis nourishing & energy boosting protein shake is perfect for muscle recovery & growth. This recipe does not uses protein powder but you can add it as an optional. It’s completely uses natural ingredients which includes chopped mango, banana, almond milk, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts & baby spinach. This smoothie provides about 13g of protein & you can add nuts & seeds to get extra protein. Get the recipe from i love vegan.

10. Oats Protein Smoothie

If you have busy morning then try this carbs & protein rich smoothie for breakfast which provides you instant energy to start your day. It’s filled with nutrient rich foods like rolled oats, whey protein powder, banana, cinnamon & plant or animal based milk. This healthy smoothie keeps you full with nourishing ingredients. Get the recipe from my boomer nutrition.

11. Protein Coffee Smoothie

Wake up with this refreshing protein drink, a combination of coffee & peanut butter. The ingredients used are brewed coffee, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, almond milk & banana. Take this creamy & delicious drink every morning to replenish with energy boosting nutrients. Get the recipe from diethood.

12. Mango Berry Protein Smoothie

Berry protein smoothieThis anti-oxidant smoothie is highly recommended for strong & healthy body. It contains low calories & good for weight loss. It made with fresh mango, almond milk, protein powder, mixed berries like raspberries, blueberries & blackberries. Get the recipe from garlic and zest.

13. Tropical Protein Smoothie

This thirst quenching & protein rich shake is perfect for summer to stay fresh & hydrated. This smoothie is made by blending coconut milk, pineapple juice, mango & whey protein. Also for garnishing use pineapple wedges or lime slices. Get the recipe from healthy fitness meals.

14. Protein Weight Loss Smoothie

Protein weight loss smoothieThis smoothie serves you approximately 27g of protein & also helps in weight loss. It loaded with peaches, chia seeds, flax meal, vanilla protein powder, kale, rice milk & baby spinach. It contains lot of vitamins & minerals which makes your bones strong & healthy. Get the recipe from blend tec.

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