20 Fresh Pineapple Smoothies

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These are the some best pineapple smoothies made with healthy ingredients like banana, coconut milk, yogurt, spinach & more . Pineapples are generally low in calories & rich in Vitamin C which contains powerful anti-oxidants.

If you’re looking for smoothies which tastes delicious at the same time healthy & nutritious, then try these smoothies. You can serve these to your kids & family in addition to their regular meals.

The best time to have these smoothies are after eating meals, because pineapple contains natural digestive enzymes like proteases which promotes digestion by breaking protein, fats & carb molecules. Read below to know variety of pineapple smoothie recipes.

1. Mango Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple smoothie with mango

Drink this delicious smoothie during hot summer to stay hydrated. It made using simple ingredients like coconut milk, frozen mango & pineapple chunks. You can also get more anti-oxidants through this smoothie. Get the recipe from ambitious kitchen.

2. Pineapple Coconut milk smoothie

Pineapple coconut milk smoothie

Everyone should have this nutritious smoothie to get more nutrients to body. This keto friendly drink is made with chopped pineapple, rolled oats, orange juice & coconut milk. You can also replace coconut milk with almond milk. Get the recipe from a daily smoothie.

3. Creamy Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

This tropical smoothie is a blend of Pineapple juice, banana & greek yogurt. You need only 3 ingredients to make this healthy recipe loaded with good nutrients. You can try this for your breakfast or snack time. Get the recipe from dinner at the zoo.

4. Pineapple Orange Smoothie

Pineapple orange smoothie

Try this refreshing smoothie to boost your energy & to get more Vitamin C. This smoothie is prepared with 4 ingredients like orange juice, bananas, vanilla yogurt & pineapple chunks. You can also try this recipe for boosting your immunity. Get the recipe from yellow bliss road.

5. Spinach Pineapple smoothie

Spinach pineapple smoothie

If you want low calorie & gluten-free smoothie, then try this one. This vegan smoothie is easy to make & needed ingredients are apple, orange, pineapple & spinach leaves. Get the recipe from vibrant plate.

6. Strawberry Pineapple smoothie

Strawberry pineapple smoothie with milk

Add this healthy & delicious smoothie to your breakfast to get essential nutrients. Each sip of this smoothie is loaded with healthy ingredients like banana, strawberries, plain yogurt, milk & peeled pineapple. Get the recipe from whisk affair.

7. Pineapple oatmeal smoothie

Pineapple smoothie with oats

Start your morning with this superfood smoothie by cooking classy. This smoothie is rich in healthy carbs, protein, vitamins & minerals. It supplies your body all important nutrients to keep you active & energetic.

8. Pineapple blackberry smoothie

This smoothie tastes delicious & rich in anti-oxidants. It loaded with healthy fruits & spices. The ingredients are pineapple, milk, oats, cinnamon, blackberries & vanilla. You can serve this to your kids & family to keep their immunity stronger. Get the recipe from casa watkins living.

9. Chocolate pineapple smoothie

If you love chocolate, then mix it with pineapple to make creamy & delicious smoothie. Chocolates are dense in minerals, anti-oxidants and also improves brain function. You can make this smoothie using bananas, pineapple, cocoa powder & almond milk. These healthy combination gives you delicious flavour and taste. Get the recipe from the feed feed.

10. Pineapple Detox smoothie

Pineapple detox smoothie

Have this vibrant drink every morning to cleanse your body. This Detoxifying smoothie contains medicinal properties that helps to kill germs & to purify blood. The ingredients are Ginger, cucumber, bananas, peaches, lemon & celery. Get the recipe from build your bite.

11. Pineapple Avocado Smoothie

Pineapple avocado smoothie

This smoothie is very easy to make & contains simple ingredients. You can prepare this by blending avocado, pineapple & lime juice in a blender. Add honey to increase sweetness and banana to increase creaminess. Get the recipe from greedy gourmet.

12. Pineapple milkshake

Pineapple vanilla milkshake

This smoothie is combination of vanilla ice cream, milk & pineapple. You can try this delicious milkshake for your breakfast or kids. It needs only simple ingredients & less time to prepare. Get the recipe from foodviva.

13. Pineapple caramel smoothie

Pineapple caramel smoothie

Try this thick & creamy smoothie which are caramelized with pineapple, banana, coconut milk, flax seeds & nutmeg. Use chia seeds & coconut flakes for garnishing. Get the recipe from the lemon bowl.

14. Pineapple kale smoothie

This green smoothie contains low calories & helps you to loss weight faster. You can replace your heavy calorie & unhealthy meals with this keto friendly & fat loss smoothie. The ingredients used are kale, chia seeds, banana & lime juice. Get the recipe from taste and tell blog.

15. Pineapple pomegranate smoothie

Both fruits have lot of health benefits and also rich in vitamin C. This drink can be made with in 5 minutes by blending all ingredients in a blender. The ingredients are pomegranate, pineapple, coconut water, celery & lettuce leaves. Get the recipe from reboot with joe.

16. Mango pineapple smoothie bowl

Pineapple smoothie bowl

This nutrient rich smoothie bowl is loaded with delicious fruits & coconut granola. Add this in your breakfast to get extra nutrients. The ingredients are frozen mango, pineapple, banana, coconut milk & granola. Get the recipe from bake rita.

17. Pineapple blueberry smoothie

Blueberry pineapple smoothie

Blueberries have high anti-aging property than other berries hence it good for your skin & body cells. By combining it with pineapple, you can make healthy & delicious drink. The ingredients used are frozen blueberries, banana & unsweetened almond milk. Get the recipe from 24 carrot kitchen.

18. Pineapple Red Smoothie

Pineapple beet smoothie

This red looking smoothie helps you to detox your body & contains essential nutrients. It made with beetroot, pineapple, apple juice & ginger. Ginger have antiviral & anti-inflammatory properies that protects your body from harmful germs & diseases. Get the recipe from two happy rabbits.

19. Pineapple carrot smoothie

Pineapple carrot smoothie

This smoothie is an healthy combination of fruits, veggies & spices. the ingredients present in this smoothie help you to fuel your body & cure your hungerness. You can make this by blending turmeric, carrot, almond milk, ice cubes & banana in a blender. Blend until it turns smoother & increase or reduce water to get skinny or thick smoothie. Get the recipe from yay for food.

20. Pineapple cake smoothie

Pineapple cream smoothie

Serve your kids this creamy & whipped smoothie to refresh them. It loaded with delicious ingredients like vanilla almond milk, cake batter protein powder, caramel & diced pineapples. It topped with whipped cream & caramel syrup. Get the recipe from the seasoned mom.

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