12 Healthy Papaya Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

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Papaya or pawpaw is nutritious tropical fruit consists of digestive enzyme called papain. These papaya smoothies are perfect for consuming in summer helps you to nourish your body with vitamins. If you want quick & nutrient rich meal for breakfast, then try these anti-oxidant rich smoothies made with papaya & other healthy fruits.

1. Papaya Milk Smoothie

Papaya milk smoothieThis delicious shake is loaded with  good amount of calories perfect for breakfast or lunch. Vanilla extract is added which gives creamy & wonderful flavour to smoothie. Serve this to your family to stay more healthy & strong. The ingredients needed are milk, papaya, lime juice, vanilla extract & sugar for sweetness. Use lime wedges for garnishing. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

2. Papaya Banana Smoothie

Papaya banana smoothieThis energy boosting smoothie is kid friendly & rich in antioxidants. It’s very easy to make loaded with nourishing fruits. It have lot of health benefits & rich in Vitamin A, E & C. Also contains digestive enzyme called papain which helps to digest the food faster. The ingredients used are fresh pineapple, banana, lime juice, ginger, papaya & milk of your choice. Get this recipe from vegan family recipes.

3. Papaya Turmeric Smoothie

Papaya turmeric SmoothieThis smoothie helps people with inflammation because turmeric is powerful anti-inflammatory agent. The smoothie have lot of nutritional & health benefits filled with nutrient rich ingredients. Make this by blending banana, ground turmeric, lemon, almond milk & papaya in a blender. Add honey to increase sweetness of the shake. Get the recipe from cooking lsl.

4. Coconut Papaya Smoothie

This simple & tropical smoothie is healthy for kids & adults comes with amazing flavour. It’s perfectly fit in your vegan or gluten free diet also aids weight loss. The ingredients used are frozen papaya cubes, minced ginger, limes, banana, carrot juice, coconut milk & agave. Get the recipe from minimalist baker.

5. Carrot Papaya Smoothie

This one is very nutritious packed with nourishing fruits & spices. Also rich in protein which satisfies your daily protein needs. Take this smoothie daily or weekend to detox your body as it contains detoxifying ingredients. It made with flax seed oil, greek yogurt, ginger, unsweetened coconut milk, orange juice, carrots, papaya, banana & protein powder. Get the recipe from the communal feast.

6. Papaya green smoothie

Papaya green smoothieTry this anti-oxidant rich smoothie perfect for warm days to refresh & hydrate your body. The ingredients needed are kale, banana, flaxseed, almond milk, honey & pink himalayan salt. Another major benefit of this smoothie is it contains less calories & good for if you need light & nutritious meal. Get the recipe from the chic life.

7. Papaya Mango Smoothie

This shake contains large amount of Vitamin A which is good for skin, bones & vision. It also rich in fiber which keeps you full & eliminates hungriness. good for people who likes to lose weight. The ingredients are orange, coconut milk, regular milk, honey, ripe mango & papaya. Get the recipe from pinch of yum.

8. Papaya Avocado Smoothie

Papaya & avocadoes are healthy combination gives you thick & nourishing smoothie. It uses only 4 ingredients which includes avocado, banana, papaya & oranges. you can make this with in minutes by blending all ingredients in a blender until it turns smoother. Get the recipe from happy foods tube.

9. Papaya Peach Smoothie

Papaya peach smoothieThis smoothie is perfect remedy for hot days keeps you cool & energetic. Peaches also have many nutritional benefits rich in Vitamin A, potassium & iron. The ingredients used are banana, lime juice, milk, oats, papaya, peaches & honey. Get this recipe from fine dining lovers.

10. Papaya Strawberry Smoothie

Papaya strawberry smoothieStawberries are widely used ingredient in smoothie recipes to make healthy & delicious shakes. This shake is filled with fresh strawberries, mint, ice cubes, honey, milk & papaya. Mint also offers you refreshing flavour and helps to cleanse your body. Get the recipe from lactaid.

11. Double Thick Papaya Smoothie

Papaya creamy smoothieThis thick & creamy smoothie is very easy to make. It needs only 2 ingredients large papaya & frozen bananas. If you want simple but nutritious shake, then try this at home. Get the recipe from loving it vegan.

12. Tropical Cucumber Smoothie

Start your day with this nutritious tropical smoothie perfect for summer days. It loaded with nourishing ingredients like banana, papaya, cucumber, spinach, coconut milk & peeled pineapple. The cucumber present in smoothie helps to keep our body cool & also absolutely low in calories. Get the recipe from Amanda’s Cookin.

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