50 Best Keto Smoothies for rapid weight loss

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These keto smoothies offers various health benefits from weight loss to improving heart health. These below smoothies are easy to make & contains low carbs & calories.
Each  sip of smoothie is loaded with healthy ingredients & nutrients rich in Vitamins & anti-oxidants.You can serve them to your kids to keep them strong & healthy. Try these keto smoothies at home made with nourishing ingredients.

1. Green Keto Smoothie

Green keto low carb smoothie

The major benefits of green smoothies are, they contain low calories & carbs & detox body. You can make this smoothie with in minutes, even if you have busy morning. The ingredients used are kale leaves, cucumber, celery, avocado, fresh lemon juice & almond milk. By blending all ingredients in a blender, you’ll get super healthy smoothie in a minutes. Get the recipe from diabetes strong.

Best Strawberry Orange Smoothies.

2. Blueberry Keto Smoothie

Blueberry keto smoothie

Comparing to all berries, blueberries have high Anti-aging property. It means, this smoothie will help you to stay younger & protects from forming wrinkles. You only need 3 ingredients to make this delicious keto drink, Blueberries, Coconut milk & vanilla extract. Get the recipe from fat for weight loss.

3. Triple Berry Keto Smoothie

Berry keto smoothie

Berries are rich in Vitamins & minerals and also rich in anti-oxidants. These fruits are perfect for making refreshing keto smoothie. It loaded with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, coconut milk & almond milk. You can try this for breakfast in addition to your regular meal. Get the recipe from sugar free mom.

4. Chocolate avocado smoothie

Chocolate smoothie

This smoothie tastes sweet & delicious and also keto friendly. You can try this for kids. You need Cocoa powder, Avocado, almond milk & coconut oil to make this smoothie. Both chocolate & cocoa is main source of healthy fats, vitamins & minerals. Get the recipe from eat well 101.

5. Keto Cinnamon Smoothie

Cinnamon smoothie

Cinnamon have More medicinal properties & contains powerful Anti-inflammatory properties. You can add this smoothie in your keto diet for fat loss. It loaded with healthy ingredients like Chia seeds, Cinnamon & coconut milk. Get the recipe from keto diet app.

6. Keto Strawberry shake

Strawberry keto smoothie

If you’re looking for delicious keto smoothie, then try this. This thick & creamy shake made with strawberries, almond milk, cream cheese & vanilla. You can prepare this by putting all ingredients in a blender & blend until it turns smooth. Get the recipe from Butter together Kitchen.

7. Orange smoothie

Orange keto smoothie

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which strengthen your immune system. It’s absolutely low in calories. use orange to make this quick & fresh drink. You can make this with in 5 minutes by blending all in a blender. You need frozen banana, orange, flaxseed, vanilla & honey to make this keto & vegan smoothie. Get the recipe from jessica gavin.

8. Green keto smoothie bowl

Veggies & seeds smoothie bowl

Start your morning with this healthy smoothie bowl by wholesome yum. It provides all essential nutrients to start your day & help you to boost your energy. This bowl is loaded with keto collagen, Avocado, unsweetened coconut milk, spinach & lemon juice. Use hemp seeds, chia seeds & cocunut flakes for topping.

9. Mango keto smoothie

Mango keto smoothie

This low carb mango smoothie is made with avocado, lemon juice  & mango. You can use honey or maple syrup for Sweetening. As it contains low calories, you can add this delicious drink to your weight loss diet. Get the recipe from 5 minute life.

10. Spinach keto smoothie

Spinach keto smoothie

Spinach combined with cucumber makes healthy vegan smoothie. This green smoothie is made with spinach, cucumber & coconut milk. It’s easy to make with in 5 mins & also absolutely low in calories & carbs. Drinking this every morning help you to cleanse your body. Get the recipe from ruled.

11. Lemon Raspberry Smoothie

This energy boosting smoothie from lemon tree dwelling is made with frozen raspberries, milk, lemon juice & lemon yogurt. This wake up drink filled with vitamins, minerals & natural sugars helps you to stay healthy.

12. Tropical green smoothie

Green veggies tropical smoothie

This keto smoothie loaded with fruits & veggies containing essential nutrients. Each sip of this drink loaded with kale, mango, strawberries, milk & orange juice. You can try this any time of the day or any season like summer or winter. Get the recipe from show me the yummy.

13. Ginger beetroot smoothie

Beetroot carrot smoothie

Detox your body with this natural delicious smoothie. It made by processing beets, carrots, ginger, apple & leafy greens in a blender. Include this keto smoothie in your breakfast to fuel your body. Get the recipe from the kitchen girl.

14. Golden milk nut smoothie

Turmeric milk smoothie

Turmeric have several health benefits, one of the best way to consume turmeric is by adding in smoothies. Milk with turmeric & nuts makes healthy protein rich drink. You can add this in keto diet & drink this in morning or before sleeping. Get the recipe from yoga of cooking.

15. Wild blueberry smoothie

This quick refreshing smoothie is loaded with veggies, nuts, seeds & fruits. The ingredients are peas, chia seeds, banana, wild blueberries, zucchini & almond milk. It packed with complete nutrients help you to stay stronger & healthier. Get the recipe from life is but a dish.

16. Pomegranate banana smoothie

Pomegranate banana juice

By Combining pomegranate & banana, you’ll get a delicious keto smoothie. Both are high in natural sugars & carbs that boost your energy instantly. Get the recipe from food & wine.

17. Kiwi strawberry smoothie

Kiwi strawberry smoothie

You need only 4 ingredients to make this vegan smoothie, strawberries, kiwi, banana & frozen strawberries. Add vanilla for sweet taste. Get the recipe from super healthy kids.

18. Lettuce lime smoothie

Lettuce keto smoothie

Drink this fresh & clean juice every morning to cleanse liver & other organs. Add honey for sweetness. Add this in your keto diet or weight loss diet. Get the recipe from love my salad.

19. Banana walnut smoothie

Walnut almond smoothie

Want healthy breakfast smoothie? Try this creamy shake made with walnuts, almonds & banana. rich in omega-3 fatty acids & protein. Get the recipe from this healthy kitchen.

20. Easy Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

You can make this fresh tropical smoothie with in 5 minutes. Each sip is loaded with healthy nutrients that fuel your body. Get the recipe from food folks & fun.

21. Cucumber pears smoothie

Pears keto smoothie

Both Pears & cucumbers are good for health. You can add them in your keto diet in form of smoothie. They contains low carbs & also easy to make. Get the recipe from simply quinoa.

22. Banana peanut butter smoothie

Banana nut milk shake

Blend banana, flax seeds, ice cubes & peanut butter to make this delicious smoothie. Get this thick & creamy smoothie from detox insta.

23. Turmeric keto smoothie

Spicy turmeric smoothie

Drink this spicy keto smoothie from i eat keto. It prepared with cocunut milk, almond milk, turmeric, ginger & cinnamon. Your family will love this spicy flavoured smoothie.

24. Keto Cilantro smoothie

Cilantro is rich in Vitamin K which you can’t get through regular foods. This healthy green drink is made with Cilantro, avocado, lemon, ginger, english cucumber & spinach. Get the recipe from green healthy cooking.

25. Mango carrot smoothie

This delicious mango smoothie ready to serve in minutes. It made with orange juice, carrots,mango chunks & banana. Get the recipe from culinary hill.

26. Healthy Pumpkin pie smoothie

Pumpkin smoothie

Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A & Anti-oxidants which strengthens your immune system. This recipe from jar of lemons is perfect choice for your breakfast.

27. Cauliflower Berry Smoothie

Cauliflower berry shake

Cauliflower is one of nutrients rich vegetable rich in Vitamin C & K, fiber & Choline. By mixing it with berry fruits , you can enjoy delicious & nutritious smoothie. Get the recipe from yummy mummy kitchen.

28. Broccoli Detox Smoothie

Broccoli ketogenic smoothie

Blending broccoli with fruits like banana & pineapple gives you sweet & delicious smoothie. it contains low carbs & calories & also it’s best ketogenic food. Get the recipe from berry maple.

29. Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon smoothie

This skinny juice is made using 3 ingredients, watermelon, strawberries & banana. Add this refreshing smoothie in your keto diet. Get the recipe from a couple cooks.

30. Matcha green tea smoothie

Matcha green smoothie

This fine green smoothie is prepared by blending Mango, bananas, spinach, coconut milk & matcha powder. Get the recipe from loving it vegan.

31. Apricot Mango Smoothie

Apricot mango smoothie

If you’re looking for simple & healthy smoothie, then try this one from happy foods tube. Include this in your morning meal to get essential nutrients to your body.

32. Dragon fruit smoothie bowl

Dragon fruit smoothie bowl

This bowl is not dense in calories but dense in nutrients. It keeps your stomach full as well as provides you healthy nutrients. Get the recipe from jar of lemons.

33. Detox Mint lemonade

Mint lemon juice

Drink this keto friendly juice to refresh yourself when you feel tired. It made with lemons & mint leaves and add ice cubes for coolness. Get the recipe from little sunny kitchen.

34. Guava pineapple smoothie

Guava smoothie

Guavas contain powerful anti-oxidants which keeps you safe from chronic diseases. Guava & pineapple is a healthy combination loaded with fiber, vitamins & minerals. Get the recipe from running to the kitchen.

35. Chocolate banana smoothie

Chocolate banana shake

Chocolate is favourite ingredient for many to make sweet & delicious smoothie. Serve this creamy drink to your family in any time of the day. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

36. Raspberry sunrise smoothie

Try this vibrant & healthy smoothie from damn delicious. Blend raspberries, mango, orange juice & milk in a blender to make this vegan fruit drink.

37. Easy apple smoothie recipe

Apple cinnamon smoothie

You can make this smoothie without much effort by blending Apples, banana, cinnamon, ice cubes & ginger in a blender. Get the recipe from real food real deals.

38. Blackberry yogurt smoothie

Blackberry banana smoothie

This simple keto smoothie is made using milk, greek yogurt, bananas & blackberries. Get the recipe from recipes from a pantry.

39. Cranberry orange smoothie

Orange cranberry juice

You can make skinny & delicious smoothie using cranberries, orange, cocunut water & banana. Get the recipe at whole food bellies.

40. Cherry lime smoothie

Cherry lime juice

By Adding lime with cherry, you can make cool refreshing smoothie. Use nectarine, cherries, lime, almond milk & ice to make this drink. Get the recipe from minimalist baker.

41. Chia banana smoothie

Chia smoothie

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3, fiber, iron & calcium. You can mix it with banana to make healthy breakfast smoothie. Get the recipe from cook it real good.

42. Mango spinach smoothie

Mango green smoothie

Put mango, spinach, avocado, flax seeds & coconut oil in a blender & blend them until turns smooth. Get the recipe from garnished plate.

43. Lemon ginger smoothie

Lemon ginger detox drink

Take this wake up drink early morning to detox & burn fat fastly. Add this in your keto diet to get the best results. Get the recipe from nutrition in the kitch.

44. Orange sesame smoothie

Sesame orange smoothie

You can make this low carb smoothie with in 10 mins by blending sesame seeds, banana, orange, cinnamon & milk. Get the recipe from my second breakfast.

45. Peach cheese smoothie

Peach banana keto smoothie

This creamy & delicious smoothie is loaded with peach, banana, cottage cheese, honey & milk. Provides you more healthy nutrients to your body. Get the recipe from rachel cooks.

46. Sweet Asparagus smoothie

Asparagus green juice

This is sweet green smoothie made with asparagus, lemon, watercress & orange. Get the recipe from kroger.

47. Healthy Almond Milk Smoothie

Almond milk butter smoothie

Try this quick & healthy almond smoothie by the work top. It prepared using almond milk, almond butter, banana, blueberries & chia.

48. Kiwi kale smoothie

Kiwi kale smoothie

This is perfect smoothie to include in keto diet contains low carbs & rich in fiber. Get the recipe from a sweet pea chef.

49. Pista milkshake recipe

Pistachio smoothie

If you want sweet & delicious smoothie, then try this pista milkshake prepared with pista, boiled milk, cardamom powder & pista ice cream. Get the recipe from sharmis passions.

50. Keto blueberry cocktail

Keto blueberry cocktail

Enjoy your summer with this keto friendly cocktail made with blueberry, ginger, lime juice & more. Get the recipe from i breathe i m hungry.

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