How to start a travel blog that generates $3843/mo

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You can start a travel blog for sharing your travel experiences, adventures and also to make passive income. Travel and tourism is really a profitable niche and there are plenty of ways available to monetise your travel blog.

Many travel bloggers are making solid four figure income per month by publishing high quality content consistently. This guide will help how you too can make four figure income in just 3-5 months by starting a travel blog.

Before you start to earn money, you should have a blog. See my step by step guide to set up your new travel blog in simple steps.

  1. Pick a domain name
  2. Sign up with web hosting
  3. Install wordpress
  4. Choose a theme
  5. Useful wordpress plugins.
  6. Driving traffic
  7. Monetising your travel blog

Pick a domain name for your travel blog

A domain name is your blog name and it is your blog address where visitors use to access your blog. A domain name can cost between $15 to 25 per year. I will tell you later how to save that money by getting a free domain name.

Tips for choosing perfect domain name

  • Keep your domain name short so that your users can type it easily.
  • Choose domain name that are easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Use keywords in your domain name. For travel blog, you can use keywords like travel, tour, trip, destination, backpacking, etc. You can also register domain name without keywords.
  • Don’t use numbers and symbols in your domain name.
  • Use top level domain extension like .com.

Signup with web hosting

This is important step to consider when you are starting a new blog, without web hosting your blog can not appear on search engines like google and bing. So You should choose the web host that are reliable and fast.

You should also consider uptime and page speed when choosing a web host because a web host with poor uptime and slow page speed will impact your blog performance by decreasing traffic, pageviews, sales and revenue.

According to research, a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load are prone to lose upto 40% of their site visitors. Hence i recommend you to signup with bluehost as it offers stable uptime and faster page speed and also officially recommended by

with bluehost, you can also get free domain name which helps you to save extra money. They offers hosting at just $3.95/mo and helpful for users who need performance oriented hosting at affordable price.

Installing WordPress

A wordpress is a content management system (CMS) where you can create and run your blog or website. More than 20% of websites on internet are built on wordpress platform.After buying hosting from bluehost, you can install wordpress in just one click on your bluehost account dashboard.

Choose a theme

Now, you successfully installed a wordpress software and its time to design your travel blog. First you have to choose a responsive and appropriate theme for your travel blog. You can find a ton of free wordpres themes on wordpress platform or you can also buy a premium theme from elegant themes  for more stunning and beautiful look.

travel blog themes

To install a free theme, go to ‘themes’ on dashboard and type ‘travel’ on search box and it will displays a hundreds of travel related themes. From that install and activate a theme that are attractive and user friendly.

Install wordpress plugins

A plugin is a software that helps you to add specific feature to your blog. You can find tons of plugin on wordpress directory from freemium to premium. Below are some useful plugins for your travel blog.

  • Yoast Seo is a SEO plugin that help you to optimize your content for search engines by analyzing post and improves your Site SEO. This plugin is available in both Free and premium version.
  • Jetpack is a plugin that comes with many features like subscriber form, uptime monitoring, social sharing buttons,site stats, lazy loading and many other essential features are included. It is a ultimate toolkit for bloggers and comes in both free and premium version.
  • Elementor page builder is page builder plugin that help you to create and customize your blog pages, header and footer.
  • Wp Smush helps you to optimize your blog images by maintaining high resolution and reduces your image size which improves your blog loading speed.
  • Wordfence is a security plugin that keeps your site safe from hackers.
  • Updraft plus is a backup plugin that help you to backup and restore your website files and content.
wordpress plugins for travel blog

There are variety of plugins are available on wordpress platform. You can search and install plugin based on your needs by clicking ‘plugin’ on dashboard.


Driving traffic to your travel blog

This is the important segment of this post. In order to earn moey from your blog , you should need a traffic to your blog, without traffic you can not make money blogging. Here traffic refers to number of visitors your blog gets each month.

more traffic = more money.

Follow my important steps below to drive more traffic to your blog.

  • Create high quality content that are more engaging to your audience.
  • Publish atleast 15-20 posts per month.
  • Write a long form content (minimum 1200 words)
  • Write SEO friendly content. Read my ultimate SEO guide for beginners.
  • grow your email subscribers. by growing your email list, you can get free traffic by publishing post directly to their email address.

Driving traffic through pinterest

As a new blogger, its not easy thing to rank your blog higher on search engines like google. It takes atleast 6 months to 1 year to rank top on SERP. But pinterest helps you to drive more traffic to your blog quickly. Pinterest is the major source of traffic for many bloggers especially travel, food, fashion, DIY, health & fitness blogs.

There are blogs which makes descent money and getting upto 500,000 pageviews through pinterest traffic alone. As travel is a popular topic on pinterest, hence its easy for you to grow your blog with high audience quickly.

Read below best pinterest strategies to grow your blog traffic and revenue.

  • Create or switch to business account on pinterest.
  • Follow the followers of pinterest accounts that related to travel.
  • Enable rich pins.
  • Share atleast 5 pins daily in different time slot or you can use tailwind for autamatic scheduling of your pins. It will share your pins automatically and hence you can save extra time.
  • Feature your pinterest graphic at end of your blog post and tell your users to pin it. 
  • Use bright and eye catching vertical graphics for more clicks.
  • Use keywords in your pinterest board names, board description, pin title and description and in your pinterest profile.

Eg, if your blog post is ’10 best places to visit in italy’ then see below how you can promote it on pinterest.

Step1: create a beautiful vertical pinterest graphic for that post. You can use ‘Canva’ to create and design your pinterest graphic.

Step2: share it on pinterest using relevent keywords i.e Pin title – 10 best places to visit in italy.

Pin description – write description with 30 to 50 words and include call to action in description. Use keywords like italy best places, italy travel tips, etc.

Board title : create a board for that pin with keyword i.e, ‘italy travel guide’ or ‘italy travel destination’ And for board description include keywords that are related to italy travel.

Note: use pinterest suggestions on top for trending keywords. You can find on top of the search results.

Step3 : pin your each blog post atleast 3 to 5 times with different graphics and keywords.

Best tools for your blog

  1. Google search console where you can submit your blog which helps google to index and crawl your blog and rank your blog post accordingly. This also help you to analyse performance of your blog.
  2. Google analytics is a website stats tool where you can see your audience data, demography and geographic data. It shows your website traffic source and stats.
  3. SEMrush is a powerful SEO and keyword research tool that help you to find high volume & low competive keywords. you can also use this tool for researching your competitor keywords, domains and URL. It comes with many features that help you to rank higher on google.
  • Convertkit is a simple & effective email marketing tool which help you to collect email addresses for growing your blog subscribers and Helps to make high converting email campaigns.

Monetising your travel blog

There are several ways to earn income by monetising your blog. Below are some effective ways to generate more money from your travel blog.

  • Advertising: many high paying ad networks are available on the market. Most networks pays you on CPC (cost per click) basis where you can earn whenever your blog visitors click the ads on your blog.CPC rates can be vary based on traffic source, season and niche. Some of high paying ad networks are
  • Mediavine(highly recommended)
  • Adthrive
  • ezoic
  • google adsense.

its good to apply for mediavine once your blog starts to get 25,000 sessions per month. Travel, food, fashion blogs are works well with mediavine and it is used by many travel bloggers. With mediavine, You can earn approximately $1200 for every 100,000 pageviews on your blog.

  • Affliate marketing: with affliate marketing, you can earn by promoting others products and services on your blog by placing affliate links and banners.
  • You can earn fixed commission whenever your blog visitors purchase product or service through your affliate links & banners. Bloggers are earning upto $60000 with affliate marketing and its a major source of income for many bloggers. Some popular affliate programs in travel niche are
  1. (booking hotels,flights,rental cars,etc.)
  2. Trip advisor (booking hotels, tours,flights & more)
  3. Sky skanner (cheap flights)
  4. World nomads (travel insurance)
  5. Amazon associates (earn commission by promoting products on amazon).

You can also find many other travel affiliate programs on internet by typing ‘travel affiliate programs’.

when signing up with affliate programs, select only genuine brands which you and your users trust.

For instance, i affliated with bluehost and promoting their service on my blog & There are many web hostiing services are available but i trust bluehost because it is well respected company & offers reliable web hosting service with 30 day money back guarantee.

So its your responsibility to promote only high trusted brands and it can also increases your conversion rates. write a disclosure whenever you promote your affiliate product or service.

  • Sponsored post: you can earn money by posting sponsored content on your blog. You can charge between $250 to 14000 per post based on your blog traffic and social media followers.
  • To get sponsored post, you can approach brands related to your niche or you can signup with influencer networks where you can get a sponsored post from brands. Some of popular influence networks are
  • tap influence
  • IZEA
  • blog meets brands &
  • Acorn.

Sell Ebook: you can also create your own ebook and sell on your blog. For travel niche, you can make ebooks on topics like travel guide, budget travel, backpacking and more.


by following above guide, you too can reach four figure income quickly like other bloggers. You spending many hours on full time job but by spending just 2-3 hours daily for next 5 months, you can earn a full time income from blogging. With blogging, You can avoid 9-5 job and can become your own boss. You can travel anywhere in the world at anytime & you can live a independent life with smart passive income from your blog.

Are you ready to start your travel blog?

Get started with bluehost & get a free domain now.

disclosure: i affiliated with bluehost which means i receive a commission when you signup bluehost with my above link at no extra cost to you.

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