10 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Dinner

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If you are fan of chicken, then try these variety of delicious chicken recipes. You can prepare these meals for dinner which are easy to make. The chicken are also rich in protein which helps to preserve and increase your muscle mass. As chicken are low in carbs, you can also add these in low carb diet. Try these spicy and tasty chicken recipes.

1. Easy Chicken Parmesan

This is delicious and creamy chicken recipe by delish. It’s easy to make and best meal you can include in dinner. This is rich in protein, hence it’s suggested for those who likes to gain muscle. The main ingredients are fresh Parmesan, breadcrumbs, eggs, all purpose flour, boneless and skinless chicken.

2. Chili and Yoghurt Chicken wings

Chicken wings recipeThis recipe by olive magazine tastes very delicious and made with Oregano. This crispy chicken recipe can be served with yoghurt sauce for better taste. It’s also loaded with healthy spices like Cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper. This juicy chicken wings are great meal to feed your family.Related:
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3. Sesame and ginger chicken meatballs

Try this Spicy and delicious recipe from she knows which is completly easy to prepare. This quick recipe is made within 30 minutes. you can try this recipe in dinner, if you want low carb meal. This dish needs less ingredients to make and main ingredients are ground chicken, soy sauce, breadcrumbs, and corn starch.

4. Spicy korean chicken wings

Korean chicken wingsThis is one of best chicken recipes of all by rasa malaysia. This Spicy chicken wings are quick and delicious recipe dressed with sesame seeds. The ingredients used are Garlic, Black pepper, soy sauce, korean chili powder and chicken wings. The entire dish can be made with in 30 minutes.

5. Honey-barbecue Chicken wings

Honey chicken wingsTry this sweet flavoured chicken recipe from taste of home. This stick wings are coated with sweet honey which gives special texture to the meal. The dish is completely easy to make with in 25 minutes. Try this for your kids and family and there will be no leftovers.

6. Chicken noodles soup

Chicken noodle soupThis is homemade chicken soup recipe by cafe delites. You can make variety of chicken soups but this is really delicious and spicy loaded with fresh spices and vegetables. You can try this recipe anytime especially you should try this in winter season.

7. Spicy chicken fry

Chicken fry recipeThis is very crispy and spicy chicken recipe from cubes n juliennes. This delicious dish is worth to try. It’s simple and easy to make. You don’t need much ingredients to prepare this meal. lot of healthy spices are added to the recipe which gives rich flavour to the dish.

8. Oven baked chicken breasts

Chicken breasts are rich in protein and contain more healthier nutrients than other parts of chicken. This recipe by Spend with pennies is dressed with salads and spices. The dish can be prepared within 25 minutes as it needs less time and moderate temperature to cook.

9. Thai Chicken Naan Pizza

Try this delicious recipe from show me the yummy made with Peanut sauce, Chicken, carrots, cheese and cilantro. This Satisfying meal is good for dinner and to fill your stomach.

10. Chipotle Chicken Popcorn

Everyone should try this Crispy chicken popcorn from tasty. This recipe made with boneless chicken breasts, butter milk, chili powder, pepper and paprika. You can serve this as a snack or side dish for dinner.

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