France bucket list: 18 Must Have Experiences in France

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France offers many wonderful and memorable experiences to its visitors. Whether you are fashion lover, food lover or adventurer, France is Very enchanting destination for all kinds of travellers. This popular european country is filled with mesmerising Cities, Towns, Coasts, beaches, Landscapes, National parks, Scenic Roads and Train journeys Which makes it most visited tourist destination in the world.

Get most out of your french trip with this france bucket list.

1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower near seine river

Eiffel tower is must visit Site in paris. Your trip Can not complete without visiting this iconic landmark. It’s one of highly visited tourist spot in the world and Attracts millions of visitors each year. Book the tickets as early as possible to avoid the long queue.

2. The Louvre

The louvre museum aerial view

It’s World’s largest art museum visited by over 10 million tourists in 2018. It’s one of the famous landmark in paris after eiffel tower. Located on the banks of the seine river in 1st Arrondissement. The museum features over 450,000 objects in various departments. You can find lot of historical art and painting works here. It’s great place to visit for art and history lovers. Get tickets early on online to skip the line.

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3. Palace of Versailles

This royal place located 21 kilometres from south of france. This incredible landmark is also part of UNESCO World heritage site. Third most popular tourist attraction in ile-de-france region after eiffel tower and the louvre.

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4. Disneyland paris

The most enchanting place to visit in paris and ideal place for kids, Families and all kinds of travellers. It’s filled with entertaining Theme parks, Resorts, Lakes, gardens and more. The park is opened in april 1992 and also most visited theme park in europe. The ticket prices are ranging from 50 to 77 euros per day.

5. Chartes cathedral

Chartes cathedral

Cathedrale Notre-dame de chartes also known as chartes cathedral is the best pilgrimage landmark in chartes located 78 km from paris. The cathedral represents a outstanding architecture and also a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s One of popular Cathedral to visit in france.

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6. Bordeaux road trip

Bordeaux bridge and river

Bordeaux is Famous for its wine growing region and perfect place to enjoy a scenic road trip. Rent a car and explore wine regions, Towns, villages and top attractions of the city. Drive along beautiful landscapes, Countryside and experience a breathtaking views.

7. Carrousel de Louvre

If you are keen shopper, then visit this shopping mall to get best shopping experience. It’s one of the biggest and well known shopping complex in paris and filled numerous collection of fashion items and restaurants. It’s Home to more than 35 stores and located in the louvre region of paris.

8. Pyrenees National park

France is also home to Scenic national parks and reserves. Where Pyrenees is one of highly visited national park in france. It’s located on the border of france and spain region. The park is filled with beautiful landscapes, mountains and other interesting places. The national park also offers many outdoor activities like Skiing, hiking and Mountain climbing.

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9. Mont blanc

Mont blanc massif mountain

If you want to get great hiking experience, then Mont blanc is the best place for you. It’s highest mountain in alps and lies between french and italian region. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding and Climbing. Visitors can stay at Chamonix, a beautiful town near mont blanc and also venue for First winter olympics.

10. Explore Lavendar fields in provence

Provence lavander fields

This southeastern french region, Provence is famous for its landscapes and fields filled with lavenders. Provence is also great holiday destination and home to beautiful coastal cities like Marsaille, Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Saint tropez. This region offers wonderful experiences to visitors and highly recommended for leisure travellers.

11. Seine River Cruise

Explore the best corners of Paris city by taking a Cruise on Seine river. The City’s Popular attractions like Eiffel tower, Notre dame and Musee d’ orsay are easily seen through this Cruise.

12. Lake Annecy

Lake annecy is most gorgeous lake in france and well known for its clean water and scenic views. The lake is surrounded with beautiful mountains and also third largest lake in france. Also considered as ‘ Europe’s Cleanest Lake’.

13. Nice Carnival

Nice is popular coastal city located on french riveria. Nice is famous for one of world’s amazing carnival events, Nice Carnival which held annually during february. The event takes place on Promenade des anglais and draws millions of visitors each year. Other than carnival, Nice is also beautiful holiday destination with Enchanting beaches, Scenic views, restaurants, Clubs and tourist Attractions.

14. Cote d’azur train journey

Monaco, french riveria

Enjoy a most scenic and Jawdropping journey by traveling through southern coast of france by train. By taking this Rail trip, you can find Gorgeous beaches, Coasts, Towns and villages. Cote d’azur or French riveria rail jouney is one of the best thing to do in france.

15. Visit Mont saint michel

Mont saint michel

It’s most popular Pilgrim destination located in Normandy region of france. the island is also part of UNESCO World heritage site and attracts more than 3 million visitors annually. The place is highly recommended for Pilgrims as it’s one of ancient pilgrim Sight in france.

16. Val d’ isere

Val d'isere ski resort

This Ski resort area in french alps is located 5 km from the italian border. It’s one of Charming destination to experience in france. The place offers lot of activities from Ice skating, Para gliding to dog sledding. If you want to taste some delicious foods, then you can eat at some amazing restaurants here like Victoria and la baraque. Also visit nearby aquasportif Centre that filled with Swimming pools, Indoor football court and Spa.

17. Visit millau viaduct

Millau viaduct bridge

Millau Viaduct is a tallest bridge in the world with height of 336m and length of 2,460m. It’s located in the southern part of france. It’s must visit place, if you want to experience breathtaking views. The outstanding architecture of this bridge makes it, an incredible monument to see in frannce. The bridge runs across the tarn valley and connects the A75 Clermont-ferrand to Beziels motorway.

18. Palamboggia

Palamboggia is a beautiful beach in Corisca and home to sandy beaches, bars, restaurants and breathtaking views. The beach is mostly overcrowded during summer with local and international tourists. Early morning and evening are best time to enjoy this Enchanting beach.

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France travel bucket list and experiences

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