24 Europe Hidden Gems in 2020

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Europe is favorite destination for many travelers & photographers. Because the continent is home to worlds renowned cities like london, rome, paris, barcelona, berlin, amsterdam, prague & venice. including popular tourist attractions like eiffel tower, colosseum, sagrada familia, stonehenge & louvre museum which all take you back to the time & history.

other than exploring cities, you can also take scenic train journeys & road trips which gives you the oppurtunity to experience beautiful countrysides & landscapes.

as a popular & most visited tourist destination, most places & cities in europe are filled with both domestic & international tourists especially in peak times like summer.

But there are some lesser known & instagrammable places which are less occupied by tourists. these hidden gems are perfect treat for travelers who wants to indulge in nature, breathe fresh air & to witness breathtaking views, landscapes & fantasy castles.

1. The Dolomites, Italy

House in dolomites italy

Italy is a popular tourist destination in europe which is famous for its Food, Architecture, Colosseum, Amalfi coast and Venice. As most tourists spend their most time in main places of the country like Rome, florence, lake como and Florence but they never heard of Dolomites, a beautiful mountain range in north eastern part of italy.

Dolomites is a great place to experience scenic views and to enjoy natural beauty. Also wonderful destination for hikers, climbers and trekkers. Some best places not to miss are Lago di braies, Seceda, Alpe di suisi and Val di funes. Dolomites lies among the borders of Verona, trentino & vincenja. The place is also part of UNESCO world heritage site.

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2. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Waterfalls in kirkjufell iceland

Iceland is one of must visit destination in europe filled with many enticing Natural wonders. Where Kirkjufell is least known place in europe but worth to visit if you are nature lover.

It’s one of most picturesque landscape in iceland and also highly recommended for photographers. Kirkjufell mountain is also good for hikers who wants to enjoy breathtaking views.

3. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of skye cliffs and sea

Scotland is a dream destination for many travellers and photographers due to its Medieval castles, Mesmersing landscapes, Mountains and Enchanting cities.

You can get to isle of skye by 5 hour drive from edinburgh (scotland capital) and also beautiful road trip you can love in europe. Visitors can blown away by its Wonderful coastlines, Mountains, Towns, Waterfalls, castles and Picture-perfect landscapes. Portree is capital of isle of skye and best place to stay here.

Best things to do in isle of skye are Visiting Quirang, Fairy pools, Neist point lighthouse, the storr and Dunvegan castle.

4. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt lake and town in austria

Hallstatt is a beautiful lake town sits in the base of mountains. It’s Located 75 Km from Salzburg and also regarded as UNESCO World heritage site. This fairytale village is getting popular among Tourists for experiencing wonderful views and to breathe fresh air.

Tourism and Salt production is important economical activity in the town. Some best experiences in the town are Exploring The Hallstatter sea, Hallstatt’s old town, Dachstein caves and Dachstein salzkammergut & five fingers. Hallstatt is one of the great place to add in your europe bucket list.

5. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos houses and sea

Greece is well known for its Enchanting islands where Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands you can enjoy in greece. Your trip to greece can’t complete without visiting this island.

It’s great place for Partying, beach lovers and Nightlife. Also home to Many tourist attractions, shops and Restaurants. Visitors should explore this place for experiencing Unforgettable things and white sandy beaches.

Top things to do in mykonos are Visiting Delos, Archaeological museum, walking on streets, staying in little venice hotel, Playing on sandy beaches and discover windmills.

6. Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano panoramic view

One of the best place to add in your italy itinerary is bolzano. It’s underrated city in italy which is gateway to dolomites and filled with small mountain villages, castles and vineyards.

As italy is being visited by millions of tourists each year, the top cities like rome and venice are clogged up with several tourists. Visiting bolzano is greatway to avoid overtourism and to experience countryside of italy.

7. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana river and houses

Ljubljana is capital of Europe’s Beautiful and lesser known country, Slovenia. This magical City is one of The great hidden gem in europe with lot of things to see and do. The city is home to beautiful river side villages and towns which makes you to feel like in Fairytale. The ljubljanica river runs across the city and adds more beauty to the city.

The city’s top attractions are The Triple bridge, Ljubljana castle, Preseren square, Tivoli park, central market and Dragon bridge.

8. Stirling, Scotland

Houses in stirling scotland

This post can’t be complete without adding this hidden gem of scotland. Stirling sits on the river Forth and gateway to the scotland highlands. It’s perfect place to avoid crowd and to breathe fresh air. Stirling castle and The National Wallace monument are two popular landmarks in the city. It’s easily accessible from glasgow and only takes 40 mins ride.

9. Kotor, Montenegro

Cruise ship in kotor port

Kotor is an amazing coastal town located in one of smallest countries of Europe, Montenegro. It’s great leisure destination to visit in europe and offers you more memorable experiences.

Cruise ships from top cruise lines visits kotor port as it is one of Popular cruise itinerary in europe. The best things to see & do in kotor are the old town, Saint tryphon cathedra, Kotor fortress and kotor cats museum.

10. Lisse, Netherlands

Lisse gardens

Lisse is a gorgeous town located 25 kilometres away from amsterdam. The town is home to tulip fields and Keukenhof gardens. The flowers grown here are exported to all around the world. It is one of the most calm and pleasant place to visit in netherlands. The Main tourist attractions are Tulip fields, Keukenhof gardens and black tulip museum.

11. Faroe islands

Village in faroe islands

The Faroe islands is located close to Denmark and shetland islands of scotland. It is part of kingdom of denmark. The most beautiful island in earth filled with amazing landscapes, Villages, waterfalls, lakes and Mountains.

This is perfect place to relax your mind and to experience Scenery. The island is so calm and peaceful and also you can find lot of birds and sheeps around the island. The best way to explore island is by taking Epic road trip which let you to enjoy beautiful corners of the island.

12. Hvar, Croatia

Hvar port in croatia

Hvar is a great summer destination located in croatia. This gorgeous island is sits on the adriatic sea and nice place to go Vacation in Europe. The island is ideal place for partying and to play at clean sandy beaches. The island is also well known for its lavender fields which spreads fragrant around the land. There are lot of things to do here from yachting, dining to Partying.

13. Krasnaya Polyana, Russia

Krasnaya polyana village and river

It’s Europe’s beautiful hidden gem that most of you never heard of. It sits high on Caucasus mountains. Roza khutor is popular Ski resort which notable for hosting events in 2014 winter olympics. It’s nearest locality of Sochi located 40 kms away. It is must visit place in russia if you are nature lover and loves ski resort.

14. Lake Annecy, France

Town in lake annecy

Lake annecy is a scenic lake with clean water and also lined with medieval towns at north end. It is popular tourist attraction in Annecy region of france. The length of lake is 14.7 Km with depth of 40m approximately which makes it one of longest lake in france.

The lake sits between mountain ranges where you can experience wonderful views. Best things to see and do are visiting annecy castle, palais museum, ponte des amours (romantic bridge) and Old town of annecy.

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15. Rhineland, Germany

Bernkastel in rhine river

Everyone loves germany for its Ancient castles, Medieval towns and fairytale places. Rhineland is the most beautiful part of germany located on banks of the rhine river. It also touches the borders of belgium, luxembourg, france and the Netherlands.

The bestway to explore rhineland is by taking cruise on rhine river where you can experience romantic and enchanting places. The most beautiful towns of rhineland are Mainz, ludwigshafen, koblenz, trier and worms. It’s also home to gorgeous castles which are Eltz castle, Neurburg, Cochem castle and Castle Rheineck.

16. Lapland, Finland

Snow covered road in Lapland

Lapland is the must visit place in europe but many travellers didn’t heard of this beautiful region of finland. Lapland bordering Sweden, norway and russia. The awesome thing is that you can also see Northern lights and midnight sun here. Reindeer sledding is popular activity in lapland. Top things to do are visit Santa park, Arktikum, Sauna gondola and Skiing in Yllas ski resort.

17. Lofoten islands, Norway

Fisherman village in lofoten

Lofoten is an archipelago of norway which is home to beautiful towns and villages. The island is filled with lot of nature attractions like Mountains, beaches and Photographic landscapes. Reine is an must visit and best place to stay in lofoten.

It’s also perfect place to see northern lights in norway especially from September to march. It consists of many Attractive beaches like Ramberg beach, ytresand beach and haukland beach.

18. Geirangerfjord, Norway

Cruise ship in geirangerfjord

Norway is famous for its eyecatching fjords and one of them is Geirangerfjord which is popular among locals. It’s also mostly used Route for cruise lines and you can watch large cruse ships sailing in this fjord. It’s great place to enjoy nature and Attractive landscapes.

The fjord surrounding with endless and majestic peaks with waterfalls. The perfect way to explore fjord is by taking cruise ships, some cruise lines like celebrity cruises operate cruise ships through norwegian fjords.

19. Plitvice lakes national park, Croatia

Bridge crossing the lake in plitvice lakes

This is oldest and highly visited national park in croatia and UNESCO World heritage site. This national park is visited by more than 1 Million tourists each year. The average price per day is around 34 euros. It’s home to several beautiful lakes and mountains. This is great place to add in your croatia bucket list.

20. Bibury, England

Road lined with houses in bibury village

Bibury is an another beautiful hidden gem in our list. It’s situated in Gloucestershire in southwest england. William morris, an 19th century artist called Bibury ‘The most beautiful village in england’ after his visit to the village. You can take road trip from london to bibury which is around 80 miles.

21. Lauterrbrunen, Switzerland

This is beautiful village sets in valley of swiss alps. The village is only known among few travellers and one of the great tourist attraction in switzerland. It’s surrounded with mighty peaks and highly recommended for travellers who loves hiking. You can also find many beautiful waterfalls around the region. You can experience breathtaking views and enticing landscapes.

22. Dinant, Belgium

River lined with buildings in dinant city

Dinant is river side city in belgium sits close to meuse river. It’s hometown of Adolphe sax, the inventor of saxophone. The city is also main tourist destintion in wallon region of belgium. It’s located 100 km from brussels and easily accessible by car or train. The city’s main landmark is Notre dame de dinant. Popular attractions in the city are Dinant citadel, veves castle, castle of freyr and maison leffe.

23. Cobh, Ireland

Cobh port town in ireland
Source: travelmyjourney.com

Cobh is Titanic ship’s last stop located in cork. It’s one of the beautiful towns in ireland and gives amazing experiences to visitors. This seaport town is home to wonderful landmarks and some of them are Titanic experience, Cobh heritage centre, St.colmon’s cathedral, cork harbour and Spike island. Cobh is unknown to many tourists but worth place to visit in europe especially if you are visiting ireland.

24. Rye, England

Rye english town
Imagesource: gpsmycity.com

Rye is very eye catching town in england filled with medieval and half timbered buildings. The town is surrounded with endless green landscapes and offers scenic views to visitors. The top attractions of the town are Rye castle museum, Lamb house, Mermaid street, camber castle and Rye heritage centre. Rye is great place for travellers who loves countrysides of UK. This is great place to add in your england itinerary.

Rye town
Imagesource: gomadnomad.com

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