100+ Easy Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast

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If you’re looking for healthy smoothies on the go, then try these easy smoothie recipes loaded with nutritious fruits, berries, leafy greens, veggies, nuts & seeds. You can prepare this for any occassion which packed with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber & heart healthy fats. These contains mostly low & good calories helps in weight loss.

make these shakes with in minutes by blending all ingredients in a blender. Perfect for breakfast, especially if you have busy morning.
add ice cubes & frozen fruits based on your needs to get thick smoothies. Serve this to your kids & family to strengthen their immune system. add some spoons of natural sweeteners like honey, agave, stevia & maple syrup to sweeten smoothie.  Try these quick below smoothies for more health & nutritional benifits.

1. Avocado Kale Smoothie

Avocado kale smoothieAvocado and kale are healthy combination provides essential nutrients to your body. This simple green smoothie from kitchen confidante is easy to make. Avocado is rich in Vitamin K which is rarely available in common foods. The vitamin K is important for joint health and healing wounds.

2. Healthy Berries Smoothie

Berries banana smoothieStart your morning with this delicious smoothie made with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and banana. You can also add honey for sweetness. Put all ingredients in blender and it will be ready to serve in 5 mins. This thick and easy  smoothie contains powerful anti-oxidants which is helpful for strong immune system. Get this recipe from bbc good food.

3. Pear Spinach Smoothie

Both pear and Spinach contains important vitamins and minerals which is crucial for healthy function of body. This keto friendly recipe is absolutely low in calories and promotes weight loss. This green smoothie is sweetened using bananas and dates. You can try this recipe for breakfast and also it help you to detox your body. Get this recipe from Wholefully.

4. Easy Papaya Smoothie

Everyone should try this creamy Papaya recipe from the spruce eats. It’s easy to prepare and only needs 2 ingredients, Papaya and milk. This is perfect breakfast drink you can make in your home. Papaya also contains Lycopene which reduces cancer risk and also rich in Vitamin A and C.  add ice to make this drink perfect for summer.

5. Healthy Post workout smoothie

Post workout smoothieIf you are an athlete or Fitness enthusiast, then try this highly nutritious drink by Vancouver with love. To recover from hard workout, your body needs more nutrients to refuel your body. This beverage made with bananas, nuts and seeds contains adequate fats, electrolytes and protein to recover your muscle.

6. Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Chocolate protein smoothieTry this delicious Smoothie rich in protein and essential minerals. Enjoy this thick and creamy chocolate shake with your kids or family. Though chocolates are high in fat, it contains vast amount of healthy nutrients which you can’t get through most foods. Especially it was rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. Get this recipe from eat the gains.

7. Refreshing fruit smoothie

Add this refreshing smoothie to your breakfast to stay more energetic & productive. it’s very easy to make and only needs 4 ingredients. This recipe is made with frozen raspberries, mango, Pineapple and coconut milk. Make the smoothie by blending all ingredients in a blender. Get this recipe from delish.

8. Tropical Smoothie Recipe

Make your kids happy with this delicious smoothie. It’s a blend of mango, banana, coconut milk and pineapple. The smoothie is completely low in calories and rich in Vitamin C which removes oxidative stress from your body.  You can also customize this smoothie by adding other fruits and greens. Get this recipe from Dinner at the zoo.

9. Rainbow smoothie

Want Easy, healthy and nutritious breakfast smoothie? Try this rainbow smoothie by the first year blog. It made using Strawberries, Raspberries, bananas, orange, Greek yogurt, mango and more. This ultimate Smoothie can be made for birthdays and other special occassions.

10. Peach Banana Smoothie

Peach banana smoothiePeaches are small in size but has many nutritional benefits. It’s rich in Vitamin A & C and improves your immune system. It also help you to remove toxins in your body. Peach combined with banana makes healthier and delicious. You can also add berries and other fruits based on your needs. Get this recipe from Lilluna.

11. Cucumber Ginger Smoothie

Ginger cucumber smoothieEveryone should try this to detox your body. Both Ginger and cucumber has Amazing benfits for skin and body. Try this daily to cleanse your entire body. Ginger has many medicinal properties and used to treat nausea, indigestion and to lower cholestrol level. Add this smoothie to your morning diet to stay healthy and clean. Get this recipe from Green blender.

12. Golden Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric smoothyIf you want powerful Anti-inflammatory recipe, then try this Turmeric smoothie combined with mango, pineapple, ginger and turmeric paste. It’s very easy to prepare and you can drink this smoothie when you wake up. Start your morning with this healthy drink which have many medicinal properties. You can get this recipe from happy healthy mama.

13. Carrot smoothie

If you want fair and glowing skin, try this carrot smoothie. It’s made with chopped carrots, bananas, yogurt and vanilla to increase creaminess. You can also use honey to increase sweetness of the drink. Try this every morning in an empty stomach to get Glowing skin and to cure night blindness as it’s rich in Vitamin A. Get this Recipe from well plated.

14. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon and lime smoothieThis Sweet and delicious Smoothie is made using only 2 ingredients, Watermelon and limes. Drink this to refresh yourself when you feel tired. It’s very quick and easy to make & within 5 minutes it’s ready to serve. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until it turns smoother. Try this skinny smoothie for your kids and family. Get the recipe from loving it vegan.

15. Lemon Almond Smoothie

Lemon detox smoothieThis is perfect drink to kickstart your day. If you’re busy, then try this quick & simple lemon smoothie prepared using Lemon juice, almond milk, yoghurt, turmeric powder and vanilla extract.

This not only make you energetic but also help you to detox your body. This is also perfect morning drink to lose weight as it’s absolutely low in calories. Get the recipe from natalie’s health.

16. pomegranate Smoothie

Pomegranate smoothieAdd this Healthy and vegan juice to your breakfast, if you are looking for Nutritious breakfast. Pomegranate also help you to purify blood and also act as an powerful Anti-inflammatory substance.

This smoothie is made with healthy ingredients like Banana, Strawberries, ginger and pears which makes this very healthy and delicious. This superfood drink can be prepared withim 5 mins or less. Get this recipe from jessica gavin.

17. Morning fat loss drink

Fat loss drinkIf you are looking for detox your body and to burn fat, then this is perfect drink for you. Try this drink every morning and see the best results. What makes this fat loss drink Great? both lemons and ginger are basically weight loss food as well as used for detoxification of body.

For more added benefits, you can also add fenugreek seeds which boosts your metabolism and thus burn more calories and fat. Try this recipe from ask michale.

18. Peanut butter Coffee Smoothie

If you’re Coffee lover, then try this tasty and creamy Coffee smoothie loaded with Peanut butter, mocha, cold brewed coffee, vanilla yoghurt and cocoa powder.

This delicious shake contains healthy ingredients which contains many essential nutrients. Make your kids happy by serving this whipped peanut butter coffee smoothie. Get this recipe from lemons and zest.

19. Oatmeal Smoothie

Oatmeal smoothieThere are lot of ways to use oats for breakfast but this is great way, if you wants more nutritious and delicious breakfast meal. This smoothie is loaded with Banana, quick oats, almond milk, vanilla, maple syrup and peanut butter.
This creamy oatmeal will make your stomach full.

Oatmeal has lot of health benefits especially it’s useful for lowering cholestrol and to lose weight. It also help you to lower bad cholestrol, LDL. You can add sweetener, if you want sweet taste. Get this recipe from well plated.

20. Winter Smoothie

Winter smoothies this is absolutely warm and Healthy winter smoothie you must try. This is easy to make and needs only 10 minutes. The main ingredients are Mango, lemon, orange, ginger,turmeric and raspberries.
it loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins which rich in anti-oxidants and increases your immune system health.

The spices added to this smoothie have Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties which keeps you away from winter related diseases like flu. Get this recipe from half baked harvest.

21. Simple green smoothie

Green smoothieTry this keto friendly smoothie made with healthy ingredients like kale,cucumber,spinach,lemon and banana. It’s absolutely fit for vegans and those who want low calorie meal. Get this recipe from modern honey.

22. Raspberry apple smoothie

Raspberry apple smoothieBoth Raspberry and Apple are healthy combination and provides energy to start your day. Add this to your morning meal in addition to regular breakfast. Get this recipe from jessica gavin.

23. Orange hibiscus Smoothie

Orange hibiscus smoothieIf you want simple and skinny smoothie, then try this made with dried hibiscus flowers, honey, limes and orange juice. Get this recipe from half baked harvest.

24. Blackberry Smoothie

Blackberry smoothieBlackberries have more health benefits and helps to improve brain health. It’s rich in Vitamin A & C which are powerful antioxidants. This smoothie is made by blending frozen blackberries, Pineapple and greek yogurt. Get this recipe from Platings and pairings.

25. Simple Blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothieBlueberries have more Anti-aging properties which means, it will help your skin to look younger. This is perfect for breakfast made with Banana, blueberries, maple syrup, almond milk and butter. Get this recipe from cookie and kate.

26. Protein rich Golden milk smoothie

Protein rich milk smoothieThis protein rich smoothie by recipes to nourish tastes sweet and delicious. Make this by blending turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardomom and medjool dates. Also Add honey for sweetness. Spices present in the smoothie have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which keeps you healthier and stronger.

27. Creamy Banana Smoothie

Thick banana smoothieTry this thick and creamy banana smoothie by a virtual vegan. It loaded with oats,nuts, banana, walnuts and dates. It rich in fiber which will keep your stomach full.

28. Morning date smoothie

Creamy date smoothieStart your morning with this delicious and energetic date smoothie by savory lotus. It loaded with healthy fruits like dates, banana and avocado. Blend it all in blender until you get creamier & smoother.

29. Perfect Vegetable Smoothie

This recipe by 100 days of real food is perfect choice for vegans. It loaded with healthy vegetables and fruits like  Spinach, mango, pineapple and bananas. Trying this smoothie every morning help you detox your body.

30. Thick Berry smoothie

Berry smoothieIf you love thick and nutritious smoothie, try this berry smoothie made with milk, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, spinach and more. Get this recipe from pinch of yum.

31. Red beet smoothie

Beet root smoothieStart your morning with this detoxifying beet root smoothie. Beets are great for cleansing your body and blood. Rejuvenate your body with this simple smoothie. Get recipe from healthy nibbles & bits.

32. Fat burning smoothie

Fat burning smoothieThis easy green smoothie will help you to burn more fat by increasing your body metabolism. It loaded with ingredients like spinach, green tea, banana, coconut milk, grapefruit and more. Get the recipe from sun kissed kitchen.

33. Grapefruit smoothie

Grapefruit smoothieGrapefruit has several health benefits, it’s low in calories and also helps to remove kidney stones. You can make this easily with in 5 mins. Get the recipe from eating bird food.

34. Weight gain smoothie

If you want to gain weight or muscle, drink this protein rich shake by healthy substitute. The glass filled with healthy calories and made with almond milk, greek yogurt, cherries, peanut butter, cocoa butter and flaxseeds.

35. Healthy Smoothie bowl

Fruit smoothie bowlIf you have busy morning, try this go-to smoothie bowl for breakfast. The bowl loaded with healthy fruits and seeds which provide esssntial nutrients to start your day. Get the recipe from minimalist baker.

36. Sweet Cherry smoothie

Cherry fruit smoothieCherries are rich in anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. It also help you to recover from heavy exercises. This delicious drink made by blending cherry, banana and greek yoghurt in a blender. Get the recipe from dinner at the zoo.

37. Spicy mango smoothie

Spicy mango honey smoothieIf you’re looking for weight losing smoothie, then try this one prepared with mandarin orange, mango, honey, cayenne & unsweetened almond milk. Get the recipe from oh my veggies.

38. Chocolate banana smoothie

Chocolate peanut butter shakeTry this thick, creamy and easy chocolate smoothie made with banana & milk. You need less ingredients & time to make this & perfect for hot summer.get this recipe from cooking classy.

39. Whipped chocolate milkshake

Whipped vanilla smoothieThis sweet & delicious smoothie is made only using 3 ingredients, Milk, vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup. Get this recipe from betty crocker.

40. Lemon smoothie

Lemon honey smoothieThis refreshing lemon smoothie by foxes love lemons is easy to make with in 5 mins. This energy boosting smoothie loaded with fresh lemon juice, honey, yogurt, ginger & turmeric. Drinking this every morning keeps your body clean & healthy.

41. White Smoothie

White cashews smoothieThis nutritious white smoothie is made by blending cashews, white chocolate, banana, oats and cocunut milk in blender. This is complete & delicious breakfast drink packed with vitamins, minerals & healthy carbs. Get the recipe from kitchen sanctuary.

42. Red, White & Blue Smoothie

Red blue white smoothieTry this vegan & gluten free smoothie by silk. It prepared with strawberries, bananas, blueberries & pomegranate juice which are rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants.

43. Easy Cranberry smoothie

Cranberry smoothieDrink this instant cranberry smoothie to boost your energy in morning. It loaded with cranberries, orange zest, almonds, maple syrup and banana. Get the recipe from jessica gavin.

44. Raspberry nutella smoothie

Raspberry milk smoothieIf you want tasty and creamy smoothie, then try this raspberry nutella from onono mopia. It’s blend of raspberries, greek yogurt, almond milk, banana & nutella.

45. Maple walnut smoothie

Maple protein smoothieIf you’re looking for protein rich & Dairy-free smoothie, try this by my vega. You can drink this sweet maple smoothie during breakfast or any time of the day.

46. Salted Caramel smoothie

Caramel whipped cream smoothieWant sweet & delicious smoothie for your kids? Try this creamy caramel smoothie topped with whipped cream & caramel sauce. Get the recipe from family fresh meals.

47. Banana nut smoothie bowl

Fruit nut smoothie bowlEat this nutty breakfast smoothie to get energy to start your day. The bowl is loaded with milk, bananas, rolled oats, peanut butter, honey & toasted nuts. Get the recipe from le creme de la crumb.

48. Reese’s Candy bar shake

Hershey shakeYou don’t need to go out to eat delicious & creamy shakes, instead you can make this at home with in minutes. This simple & easy smoothie made with peanut butter, hershey’s syrup, vanilla & milk. Get the recipe from hersheys.

49. Detox green juice

Green detox juiceDrink this healthy green juice by inspired taste for boosting your immune system. Trying This natural drink every morning will help you to detox your entire body. It made with ginger, parsley, lemons, cucumber, apples, spinach & more.

50. Peach Ice cream smoothie

Peach cream smoothieGive this sweet & delicious smoothie recipe to your kids after they came back from school. It’s blend of vanilla flavoured ice cream, peaches, milk & topped with whipped cream. get the recipe from my food and family.

51. Cashews Cardamom smoothie

Thick cashews honey smoothieGet instant energy with this thick & creamy cashews smoothie prepared by blending Cashews, Cardamom & hemp seeds. Add honey or maple syrup for sweetness. Get the recipe from savory lotus.

52. Thick Fig Smoothie

Fig smoothieFigs have many health benefits especially they are rich in Vitamin A, B, C & K. You can make this by blending bananas, figs, milk & yoghurt in a blender. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

53. Pineapple vanilla smoothie

Pineapple ice cream shakeYou can make this easily by blending pineapple, banana, milk & vanilla ice cream. Try this simple drink for your breakfast. Get the recipe from cd kitchen.

54. Oreo Milkshake recipe

Oreo milk shakeYou need only 4 ingredients to make this creamy & delicious oreo shake. Give this simple & classic milkshake to your kids. Get the recipe from tastes better from scratch.

55. Vegan coffee smoothie

Coffee smoothieGet instant energy with this thick, creamy & tasty coffee drink. Adding ice makes this perfect summer drink. Get the recipe from loving it vegan.

56. Butterscotch milk tea

Butterscotch tea Drink this sweet & delicious butterscotch tea in morning. All kids & adults enjoy this smoothie loaded with powdered milk, butterscotch, tapioca pearls & black tea. Get the recipe from shott beverages.

57. Mulberry beet smoothie

Mulberry mango smoothieThis healthy smoothie is a blend of mulberry, mango, beets & cashews. Mulberries are rich in iron, potassium  & vitamin C and good for digestive health & immune system. Get the recipe from tashas artisan foods.

58. Keto peanut butter smoothie

Peanut butter smoothieThis thick & creamy smoothie tastes wonderful & also easy to make. It loaded with peanut butter, Cocoa powder, almond milk, cream & ice cubes. Get the recipe from sweet as honey.

59. Tropical smoothie bowl

Tropical smoothie bowlStay hydrated & healthy during summer with this tropical smoothie bowl. It loaded with banana, mango, almond milk & pineapple chunks. Get the recipe from good housekeeping.

60. Green grape juice

Green grape smoothieGreen grapes are sweet in taste & also rich in Vitamin A & C. Natural sugars present in grapes boost your energy and also contains low calories. Get the recipe from skinny ms.

61. Easy Guava smoothie

Guawa lime smoothieGuava’s are rich in Vitamin C and helps to lower blood sugar levels. This smoothie needs only 4 ingredients, Guava, kiwi, orange & limes. Get the recipe from indian recipes.

62. Kitkat milkshake

Kitkat milkshakeNow you can use kitkat to make creamy & delicious smoothie. You can prepare this within 10 mins. It gives instant energy when you’re tired. Get the recipe from leuke recepten.

63. Citrus fruit smoothie

Try this wake up smoothie made with orange, lemon, mango & pineapple. Get the recipe from vitamix.

64. Turmeric Mango Smoothie

Turmeric mango smoothieThis vegan & paleo friendly smoothie by  nyssa’s kitchen help you to detox & rejuvenate your body.  Each sip contains healthy nutrients of turmeric, mango, pineapple, carrots & lemon.

65. Colon & liver detox smoothie

Gut cleansing smoothieDrink this detox smoothie every morning for complete cleaning of gut and liver. Get the recipe from healthy taste of life.

66. Almond breakfast smoothie

Almond milk smoothieAlmonds contain healthy fats good for heart health & it’s muscle building food as it rich in high quality protein. Get this delicious recipe from ifoodreal.

67. Peach mango smoothie

Peach mango breakfast smoothiePeaches contain low calories & contains important vitamins & minerals. Combining with mango makes healthy & delicious smoothie combination. Get the recipe from  once upon a chef.

68. Plums pears smoothie

Plums pears smoothiePlums are sweet & delicious and great for making thick smoothie. This breakfast smoothie made with plums, pears, chia seeds & strawberries. Get the recipe from cooklicious.

69. Apricot smoothie

Apricot strawberry smoothietry this healthy apricot smoothie by natasha’s kitchen. The ingredients used are Apricots, strawberries & coconut water.

70. Blueberry coconut smoothie bowl

Blueberry smoothie bowlthis smoothie bowl loaded with healthy fruits, nuts & vegetables. It provides all nutrients to your body & everyone should add this to their breakfast. Get the recipe from my darling vegan.

71. Green smoothie bowl

Green vegan smoothieTry this vegan green smoothie bowl by sun kissed kitchen. It contains low carbs & you can add this in your keto diet.

72. Carrot beet smoothie

Beet carrot juiceDrink this juice every morning in an empty stomach to cleanse your blood & body organs. Get the recipe from jeanette’s healthy living.

73. Fresh orange smoothie

Orange juicetry this simple & easy orange smoothie to avoid stress & to stay fresh. It needs only 3 ingredients to make this recipe, orange, carrot & low fat almond milk. Get the recipe from simple healthy kitchen.

74. Strawberry chocolate smoothie

Strawberry chocolate shakeFrom kids to adults, everyone loves chocolate & it contains many essential minerals good for bone health. Chocolate with strawberry makes delicious smoothie. Get the recipe from eatingwell.

75. Spicy tequila sunrise drink

Spicy sunrise drinkstay fresh & hydrated with this spicy tequila beverage by spicy southern kitchen. Each sip is a blend of silver tequila, pineapple junks & jalapeno.

76. Cauliflower smoothie

Cauliflower smoothieNow a days, cauliflower are used in many recipes and we can make healthy smoothie using cauliflower. You can get this recipe from green smoothie gourmet.

77. Nectarine smoothie

Nectarin smoothieThis thick & creamy smoothie is prepared by blending Nectarines, carrots, nuts & spinach. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

78. Jackfruit smoothie

Jackfruit lime smoothieThis Healthy & creamy jackfruit smoothie is easy to make & needs only  3 ingredients lime, jackfruit & plant milk. Get the recipe from gastro plant.

79. Grapefruit, mango & banana smoothie

Grapwfruit banana smoothieBy blending grapefruit, mango, banana, yoghurt & ice cubes, you’ll get amazingly delicious breakfast smoothie. Get the recipe from tesco real food.

80. Chocolate cherry smoothie

Cherry chocolate smoothieThe combination cherry & chocolate gives you most sweet & delicious smoothie. You can make this drink in 5 mins. Get the recipe from simple veganista.

81. Strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshakeTry this homemade strawberry milkshake by rachel cooks. This creamy smoothie tastes delicious & made with strawberries, milk, basil leaves and ice cream.

82. Watermelon lime smoothie

Watermelon lime This smoothie from currytrail is easy to make & prepared with watermelon, lime, strawberries & honey.

83. Peanut butter banana smoothie

This smoothie is popular among smoothie lovers due to rich taste & creamy flavour. Try this recipe from chocolate covered kate.

84. Bedtime Smoothie

Give this try to sleep faster In night. This bedtime smoothie secretes melatonin hormone which makes you to sleep faster & better. Get the recipe from protein recipes.

85. Grape banana blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothieThis smoothie will make your immune system stronger and help you to fight against germs & diseases. Get the recipe from bare feet in the kitchen.

86. Tropical green protein smoothie

Green protein smoothieTry this quick & easy drink by taste for your breakfast. It Loaded with Spinach, mango, coconut milk & vanilla protein powder.

87. Lime Pie Smoothie

Blending banana, lime, yoghurt & vanilla will give you this fresh & delicious smoothie. Get the recipe from live eat earn.

88. Hangover fighting smoothie

Hangover busting smoothieCure your hangover with this smoothie from veggie shake. You need Parsley, ginger, turmeric,cocunut water, mint & black pepper to make this smoothie.

89. Anti-parasitic Smoothie

Parasite killing smoothieThis smoothie will help you to keep your stomach clean by killing parasites & also improves digestive health. Get the recipe from nourishing theraphies.

90. Cantaloupe smoothie

Cantaloupe skin glow smoothietry this morning wake up smoothie by pickled plum. Cantaloupes are also rich in vitamin A & C.

91. Keto protein green smoothie

Green keto protein smoothieAdd this keto smoothie in your weight loss diet packed with protein, fiber & other healthy nutrients. Get the recipe from the keto queens.

92. Cucumber mint smoothie

Cucumber mint smoothieYou need mint, cucumber & almond milk to make this energy boosting smoothie. Get the recipe from happy healthy mama.

93. Double thick papaya smoothie

Prepare this thick & creamy smoothie using only 2 ingredients, Papaya & banana. Get the recipe from loving it vegan.

94. Pumpkin pie smoothie

Whipped pumpkin pie smoothieYou can include this pumpkin smoothie in your paleo diet and also you can make it instantly in 5 mins. Get the recipe from beaming baker.

95. Celery detox smoothie

Celery green cocktailthis natural celery drink is simple & easy to make. Use this fresh juice in morning to detox your body. Get the recipe from gastro plant.

96. Whipped coffee drink

Whipped coffee smoothiestart your day with this creamy whipped coffee smoothie. Get the recipe from family fresh meals.

97. Berry pre-workout smoothie

Pre-workout berry smoothieprepare your body for intense workout with this energy boosting smoothie. Get the recipe from amy savage nutrition.

98. Healthy breakfast smoothie recipe

Breakfast smoothie recipeUse banana, rolled oats, low-fat milk & yogurt to make this superfood smoothie from livelighter.

99. Walnut pear smoothie

Walnut pear smoothieWalnuts are rich in omega-3 & both walnut & pear have many health benefits. This delicious smoothie made with pear, walnuts, flaxseeds & cinnamon. Get the recipe from all nutri bullet recipes.

100. Healthy morning smoothie bowl

Morning breakfast smoothieblend blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, cashews, almond, chia & flax seeds to make this ultimate breakfast smoothie bowl. Get the recipe from fit foodie finds.

101. Banana caramel milkshake

Banana caramel smoothiethis smoothie is packed with banana, caramel, cocunut milk,cashews butter & vanilla. Get the recipe from wholesome hedonista.

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