12 Cucumber Smoothies for Weight Loss

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Cucumbers are widely consumed in summer due to its ability to keep body cool & hydrated. They contains very low amount of calories & hence perfect to include in your weight loss diet. They are also used for face mask as it provides lot of health benefits to skin. Try these below cucumber smoothie recipes to lose weight & nourish your body with vitamins, minerals & fiber.

1. Cucumber Pineapple Smoothie

Cucumber pineapple smoothieStart your summer days with this refreshing cucumber smoothie made with pineapple, banana, coconut milk, lime, cucumber & greens. It’s rich in vitamins & minerals helps in devoloping strong bones & immune system.get the recipe from minimalist baker.

2. Cucumber Banana Smoothie

Try this simple & energy boosting smoothie perfect for breakfast. It’s quick & easy to make needs only 2 ingredients banana & cucumber. Add sugar or other natural sweetening agent to increase sweetness. Get the recipe from boldsky.

3. Cucumber Spinach Smoothie

Cucumber spinach smoothieThis dairy free & anti-oxidant rich smoothie is loaded with healthy fruits & veggies. The ingredients used are avocado, spinach, cucumber, almond milk & pitted dates. This smoothie contains good amount of Vitamin A,C,E,K, iron & healthy fats. Get this recipe from happy foods tube.

4. Strawberry Cucumber Smoothie

Strawberry cucumber smoothieThis skinny low calorie smoothie tastes delicious & good for weight loss. Serve this to kids for quick & nourishing breakfast meal. Strawberries also gives nice flavour. Make this by blending frozen strawberries, orange juice, rhubarb, plain yogurt & cucumber. Get the recipe from my san francisco kitchen.

5. Cucumber Kiwi Smoothie

Cucumber kiwi smoothieDrink this Nourishing cucumber smoothie to get enough nutrients to your body. It has lot of nutritional & health benefits good for people of all ages. The ingredients are medium banana, baby spinach leaves, apple, kiwi and cucumber. For sweetening, add sugar, honey or agave. Get the recipe from flour on my face.

6. Cucumber Mango Smoothie

Cucumber mango smoothieSatisfy your taste buds with this delicious smoothie filled with nourishing ingredients. If you have busy morning, then try this quick & healthy smoothie for your breakfast rich in vitamins & minerals. Make this by blending coconut milk, cucumber, mint leaves, spinach, mango & cayenne pepper. Get the recipe from veggie chick.

7. Cucumber lime Smoothie

If you don’t like to take normal water, then try this flavourful & healthy smoothie to hydrate your body. The ingredients used are fresh lime juice, mint leaves, honey & cucumbers. You can even try this to detox your body at home. Get this recipe from crayons and cravings.

8. Cucumber Watermelon Smoothie

Try this refreshing cucumber smoothie perfect for hot days & summer. It made with seedless watermelon, lime juice, cucumbers & pomegranate seeds. Use mint leaves for garnishing. Get the recipe from fool proof living.

9. Cucumber Beet Smoothie

Cucumber beet smoothieThis healthy smoothie help you to detox & purify your blood as it consists of beets which have numerous health benefits. You need only 3 ingredients to make this recipe. The ingredients are apples, beet & cucumber. Get this recipe from the healthy family & home.

10. Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie

Cucumber blueberry smoothieIf you need anti-oxidant rich smoothie for strong immunity, then try this recipe. It loaded with frozen blueberries, lemon juice, low fat vanilla yogurt & cucumbers. It contains very low calories so perfectly fit in your weight loss diet. Get the recipe from vegetarian times.

11. Celery Cucumber Smoothie

Celery cucumber smoothieThis skinny & perfectly blended smoothie helps you cool your body during hot days. It filled with full of vitamins & other micronutrients helps in refueling your body. The ingredients needed are apple, persian cucumbers, lime & celery. Get the recipe from clean eating kitchen.

12. Cucumber Peach Smoothie

Cucumber peach smoothieEnjoy this cucumber smoothie made with healthy fruits & veggies. The ingredients needed are fresh lime juice, mint, white peaches, cucumbers, milk, vanilla greek yogurt & ice cubes. Take this everyday to refresh & refuel your body with vitamins, minerals & healthy fats. Get this recipe from cooking with ruthie.

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