20 Cranberry smoothie recipes


Cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants & have anti-bacterial properties that protects you from harmful diseases. Cranberry juice are consumed by many peope & it’s absolutely safe to eat. Using this fruit, you can make healthy & delicious smoothies.
As smoothies are mostly low in calories, you can include them in weight loss diet. Try these variety of cranberry smoothies made using berries, seeds, citrus fruits, spinach, milk & avocado.

1. Cranberry kale smoothie

Cranberry kale smoothieThis vegan smoothie with combination of cranberries & Kale is loaded with healthy ingredients. It’s an blend of kale, cranberries, coconut water, medjool dates & banana. Coconut cream also added to give smoothie creamy texture. Get the recipe from tasty yummies.

2. Cranberry smoothie bowl

Cranberry chocolate smoothieTry this nutritious smoothie bowl for breakfast or snack time. It contains delicious ingredients like almond milk, chocolate, dark cocoa powder, cranberries & banana. The bowl is topped with chia seeds, granola, cereal & more. Get the recipe from healthy helper blog.

3. Cranberry Strawberry Smoothie

Cranberry strawberry smoothieThis healthy mix of strawberry & cranberry gives you creamy & delicious smoothie. It made using cranberry juice, vanilla yogurt, ground cinnamon & frozen strawberries. It’s very easy to make & need only 4 ingredients. Get the recipe from the busy baker.

4. Cranberry Mango Smoothie

This smoothie made with simple ingredients like mango chunks, seedless tangerine & unsweetened almond milk. Make this using high powered blender to blend ingredients smoother & faster. Get the recipe from jamie geller.

5. Cranberry Apple Smoothie

Cranberry smoothie with apple & cinnamonIf you’re looking for smoothie to detox your body, then try this. It contains cinnamon which have powerful medicine properties & rich in anti-oxidants and removes toxic from your body. The ingredients needed are almond milk, vanilla protein powder, apple, cranberries & cinnamon. Get the recipe from skinny fitalicious.

6. Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Cranberry orange smoothieThis energy boosting smoothie is loaded with many healthy ingredients. It’s rich in vitamins, protein, minerals & anti-oxidants. The ingredients used are cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, orange & spinach. Try this for breakfast to get nutritious meal. Get the recipe from project meal plan.

7. Cranberry lemonade smoothie

Cranberry lemon juiceStart your morning with this detoxifying smoothie made with raspberries, lemon, greek yogurt & truvia. It also help you to boost your immunity. You can serve this for kids to keep them healthy. Get the recipe from amy’s healthy baking.

8. Cranberry white smoothie

Cranberry egg smoothieAdd this protein rich smoothie to your breakfast to get enough proteins. Make this by blending banana, cranberries, whey powder, pepper mint oil & pasteurized egg whites in a blender. Get the recipe from green lite bites.

9. Cranberry Pumpkin Smoothie

Cranberry pumpkin smoothie You can try this smoothie anytime of the day. This thick & creamy beverage is prepared using pumpkin, vanilla, maple syrup, low fat milk & protein powder. This all gives nice flavour to the smoothie. Get the recipe from sumptuous spoonfuls.

10. Cranberry Blueberry Smoothie

Cranberry blueberry smoothieThis keto smoothie is perfect for breakfast provides additional nutrients to your body. Blueberries have Anti-aging properties which keeps your skin healthy. The ingredients are blueberries, chia seeds, maple syrup & cranberries. Get the recipe from plant based diary.

11. Cranberry Green Smoothie

Start your day with this immune boosting smoothie rich in good nutrients. It made with spinach, chopped banana, hemp seeds, cinnamon & non-dairy milk. Add this smoothie in your keto diet to lose weight rapidly. Get the recipe from clean food dirty girl.

12. Cranberry Pineapple Smoothie

Cranberry pineapple smoothieThis low calorie smoothie is a mix of cranberry juice, coconut chips, chopped pineapple & mango. It’s easy to make & needs simple ingredients. You can make this smoothie with in minutes. get the recipe from the petite cook.

13. Cranberry Carrot juice

Cranberry carrot juiceThis Vitamin A rich smoothie is great for improving immune & skin health. Add this delicious smoothie to your regular meals to get essential nutrients. The ingredients used are carrots, apples, cranberries & butternut squash. Get the recipe from fuss free flavours.

14. Cranberry Cherry Smoothie

This sweet & delicious smoothie is packed with anti-oxidants & vitamins. It’s blend of banana, cranberries, ginger root, cherries, almond milk & chia seeds. Get the recipe from darn good veggies.

15. Cranberry refreshing smoothie

Start your day with this refreshing smoothie made with orange, strawberries, raspberries & banana. This superfood drink have lot of health benifits as it contains anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. Get the recipe from yummy mummy kitchen.

16. Cranberry Banana Smoothie

Cranberry with banana smoothieCombine energy boosting fruit, banana with cranberry to make creamy & delicious smoothie. You can make this with in 5 mins by blending all ingredients in a blender. The main ingredients are cranberries, banana, oranges & maple syrup. Get the recipe from delish knowledge.

17. Oaty cranberry smoothie

Cranberry oat smoothieIf you have busy morning then substitute, your breakfast meal with this oatmeal smoothie. You can prepare this with in minutes using high speed blender. The ingredients are blueberries, chia seeds, oatmeal, greek yogurt & honey for sweetness. Get the recipe from all nutribullet recipes.

18. Cranberry Date Smoothie

Drink this smoothie to make your stomach full & also it contains lot of healthy nutrients to fuel your body. The ingredients needed are dates, cranberries, strawberries, banana, ginger, cinnamon & orange. Get the recipe from totally food.

19. Walnut Cranberry smoothie

Cranberry smoothieIf you want perfect cranberry smoothie, then you should try this one. This is also keto friendly loaded with healthy fats, protein & vitamins. The ingredients are apple, non-dairy milk, chopped walnuts, cinnamon & maple syrup. Serve this to your kids to improve their brain function. Get the recipe from a virtual vegan.

20. Vanilla Cranberry milkshake

Try this nutritious & healthy milkshake made with ginger, vanilla ice cream, vanilla powder & cranberries. Add honey, caramel or maple syrup to increase sweetness. You can try this in breakfast or snack time to boost your energy. Get the recipe from we are not martha.


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