15 Delicious Coffee Smoothies To Start Your Day

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Start your morning in a healthy way with this delicious & refreshing coffee smoothies. Try this at your home which needs less time & ingredients to make. It made with healthy ingredients like strawberries, yogurt, oats, cocoa powder & more which loaded with essential nutrients. These shakes are mostly low in calories & good for weight loss.

1. Blueberry Coffee Smoothie

Blueberry Coffee Smoothie

Try this ultimate delicious coffee smoothie perfect for breakfast. It contaains Blueberries that are rich in anti-oxidants & provides several health benefits. This recipe is quick & healthy loaded with vitamins, carbs, fiber & minerals which gives instant energy to start your day. The ingredients used are almond milk, instant coffee, fresh blueberries, rolled oats & dates. Get this recipe from happy foods tube.

2. Perfect Coffee Milkshake

This thick & creamy milkshake is perfect treat for your kids. Serve this to your kids or family as a snack or dessert after meals. Vanilla ice cream is added which further enhances the flavour of the shake.The ingredients needed are cocoa powder, coffee granules, milk & vanilla ice cream. Get this recipe from marsha’s baking addiction.

3. Breakfast Coffee Smoothie

Breakfast coffee smoothie

This sweet & chocolatey shake is rich in protein, carbs, calcium & vitamin C. Helps to strengthen your bones & body. If you want easy & nourishing smoothie for your breakfast, then try this recipe. Blend banana, milk, rolled oats, cocoa powder, brewed coffee, cinnamon & vanilla protein in a blender to make this delicious shake. Get this recipe from feel good foodie.

4. Healthy Coffee Smoothie

Coffee smoothie

You don’t need to visit a cafe to have a nice coffee instead you can try this smoothie at your home. This recipe is quick, healthy & needs only 5 ingredients to prepare. Have this in morning to boost your energy. The ingredients are cashew butter, medjool dates, hemp hearts, brewed coffee & baby spinach. You can add ice cubes, if you like to consume a iced coffee. Get this recipe from detox insta.

5. Coffee Banana Smoothie

Coffee banana smoothie

Wake up with this energy boosting coffee smoothie loaded with simple & nourishing ingredients. It contains good number of nutrients to fuel your body. The ingredients needed are plain greek yogurt, instant coffee, banana, milk & granulated sugar. Get this recipe from homemade hooplah.

6. Coffee Walnut Smoothie

Walnut coffee smoothie

This coffee shake made with nutrient rich ingredients & is perfect way to start your morning. Blend the following ingredients until it turns smoother to make this skinny & healthy smoothie.The ingredients needed are milk, banana, walnuts, cocoa hot mix, coffee & pitted dates. Get this recipe from simmer to slimmer.

7. Coffee Protein Smoothie

Coffee protein smoothie

Add this smoothie in your morning routine, if you want protein rich coffee smoothie. It loaded with fruits, veggies, nuts & nourish your body with essential micronutrients. also helps in muscle growth & recovery eespecially for gym goers.The ingredients are chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sea salt, spinach, pea protein, dairy free milk & grounded espresso. Get this recipe from veggies don’t bite.

8. Cafe Mocha Smoothie

Coffee mocha smoothie

Start your day with this refreshing coffee shake filled with 5 delicious ingredients. This smoothie is abundant in protein containg approxiamately 21g of protein per serving.

The ingredients are vanilla greek yogurt, cocoa powder, espresso powder, chocolate protein & banana. Get this recipe from the lemon bowl.

9. Keto Coffee Smoothie

Keto coffee smoothie

This iced & keto friendly coffee smoothie is perfect for summer to quench your thirst & to stay fresh. Vanilla extract is mixed which gives creamy & amazing flavour to smoothie.

The ingredients needed are unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, vanilla extract, collagen protein powder, heavy cream & brewed coffee chilled. Get this recipe from sweet as honey.

10. Caramel Coffee Smoothie

Coffee caramel smoothie

If you want sweet & delicious coffee shake without banana, then try this recipe. You can make this smoothie with in minutes by blending all ingredients in a blender.

The ingredients are almond milk, dunkin donuts caramel coffee, caramel sauce for topping & sweetener of choice optional. Get this recipe from kims cravings.

11. Raspberry Coffee Smoothie

Coffee raspberry smoothie

Try this healthy coffee smoothie which provides essential nutrients to start your day, especially when you have busy morning & looking for quick & nutritious meal.

The ingredients are vanilla coconut milk, raspberries, maple syrup, banana & instant coffee. Get this recipe from sweet and savory meals.

12. Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie

Peanut espresso smoothie

This Simple & creamy smoothie uses just 4 ingredients & can be made with in minutes.

The ingredients needed are low fat milk, peanut butter, banana & instant espresso powder. Get this recipe from martha stewart.

13. Coffee Avocado Smoothie

Coffee avocado smoothie

This thick & nutrient dense coffee smoothie is loaded with heart healthy fats, vitamins & minerals. Avocado contributes to major nutrients of the smoothie & provides several health benefits.

You need skimmed milk, avocado, banana, espresso, chia seeds & protein powder optional. Get this recipe from lins food.

14. Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie

Chocolate espresso smoothie

Coffee & chocolates are great combination to make creamy & highly delicious smoothie for your kids. It packed with good amount of protein & carbs providing instant energy to start your day.

The ingredients are vanilla greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, espresso & banana. Get this recipe from the lemon bowl.

15. Cool Summer Iced Coffee

This iced coffee drink is must try in summer to keep body cool & hydrated. Throw in some Mint leaves to drink which also helps in detoxing your body.

The ingredients needed are orange, mint leaves, coffee, crushed ice & sugar. Get this recipe from nespresso.

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