Bluehost Review 2019 – Hosting features With Uptime & Pagespeed Stats


Bluehost is one of the popular web hosting company founded in 2003 & provides better features and benefits to customers.bluehost currently hosting over 2 million websites. it was also officially recommended by

for optimal performance of your website, some important factors to note from web hosts are,

  • great uptime and page speed to keep your website running and faster loading speed to retain your site visitors .
  • powerful server and hardware for maintaining your website security and performance.
  • server locations through worldwide so that you can reach your target audience easily.

99.9% uptime Guarantee

the average uptime of bluehost – 99.9%

the lack of 0.1% is due to updates and maintanace of servers. it was common in all hosting services. this excellent uptime increases the presence of your website in online and drives more traffic and conversion.

Excellent page speed

the page speed is another important thing in web hosting. the page speed is called as amount of time taken by your hosting server to response to user query.

the faster your server response, the faster your page speed. page speed is the google’s major ranking factor.

a study shows that the 40% of people leave website that loads more than 3 seconds. for us 3 secs looks very small but it creates big impact on your website performance.

it reduces conversions and sales but don’t worry with bluehost your website gets faster loading speed thus your website perform better and rank higher on search engines.

With bluehost you can get good page speed and this helps to increases your website response time.

Free domain + SSL

bluehost comes with free domain and SSL certificate for all of their hosting plans.

the average domain cost is approximately $14 per. with bluehost, you can also get free SSL Certificate for your site.

SSL is a secure sockets layer which protects and secures your website from hackers and other malware activities.

it also secures your visitors information that they entered in payment details and subscription form.

Backup and security

bluehost servers are built with powerful hardware and has PHP version > 7.0 which makes website secured and increases stability of your site.

it provides free backup for your website and you can easily restore data with simple mouse click. the backups are done automatically daily or weekly.

server locations

bluehost have its data centres in major continents. their main centre located in utah, usa where it maintaining his servers in 50,000 sq.ft area.

with this you can easily prefer your target location and focus on your target audience. some of their server locations are

  • Utah, USA,
  • Mumbai, India,
  • Hong kong, China
  • London, UK and
  • Shanghai, china.

And it partnered with some other local hosts to server their users efficiently.

30-day money back guarantee

Bluehost have confidence in their service, hence they providing money back guarantee for up to 30 days for customers. they can refund you if you are not satisfied with their performance .

customer service and cpanel

Bluehost offering a 24/7 customer support. you can contact them anytime if you have any issue. you can contact them by email, chat or mobile.

the control panel is easy to use and more convenient. you don’t need any extra skills as you can easily manage your website in one place.

Bluehost: web hosting plans

they have excellent web hosting plans that include,

  • Shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • woocommerce hosting.

Shared hosting

It is basic web hosting plan used by most customers. it’s cheap and affordable compared to other hosting plans. when single or group of servers are shared by multiple websites is called as shared hosting.

bluehost divides its shared hosting into 3 plans from basic to pro. shared hosting is recommended for new website and website with low to moderate traffic.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is expensive and premium web hosting plan. where powerful and secured server are allocated for particular website or websites which has more privacy and control.

it’s better suitable for business and enterprise sites with huge amount of traffic.

VPS Hosting

VPS is a virtual private server. the benefit of VPS are allocated RAM, CPU and disk space to improve stability And performance of your website.

the company provides VPS hosting from $18 onwards. You can upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting after your website getting large traffic continuously.

wordpress hosting

they offers wordpress hosting with lot of features and you can host unlimited websites with this hosting plan.

with this type of hosting you can easily manage your website and comes with free integration of add ons such as SEO, email marketing and social media tools and useful for those who have less time to manage their site.

Woocommerce Hosting

woocommerce is a wordpress plugin that helps you to start an online store.

this web hosting offers an essential features such as payment protection, beautiful and customized themes for your online store and easy store set up. it’s better for e-commerce sites.

Bluehost: pricing plans

The pricing plans are affordable, price vary based on plans you choose. it also offers a promo offer for everyone so you can save upto upto 60% on all hosting plans. once the plan ends, it renews with regular price.

shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting plan. it starts with $2.95 & divided into 3 plans,

where advanced plans are comes with some extra features such as unlimited website, unlimited SSD, $200 marketing offer to grow and improve your site and dedicated IP for plan 3.

we recommend plan 1 if you are going to host your new website or website with low to moderate traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost provides dedicated hosting from standard to premium. they divide their dedicated hosting plans into three packages.

Dedicated server hosting is most expensive and effective compared to all other plans. this type of hosting best suits for big business and enterprise sites and sites with high amount of traffic.

the core, RAM,Bandwidth and IP address are vary from plans to plans where plan 3 has high number of features and benefits. all plans include automatic backup .

it delivers the ultimate performance and more security for your website. it comes with additional add ons such as site lock and domain privacy.

VPS Hosting

VPS is flexible and controlled hosting and contains 3 pricing plans. the price starts from $18.99 to $59.99.

the plan 1 has 2 cores and 2 GB RAM With 1TB Bandwidth and plan 2 and 3 has enhanced features and advantages and an upgrade from plan 1. all plans include some other additional features and add-ons.

WordPress Hosting

This is managed wordpress hosting that comes with several features and benefits. those who want to grow their wordpress website by spending less time will benefit from this plans.

each plans comes with jetpack, a popular wordpress plugin from basic to pro. advanced plans comes with effective business and marketing Tools. all plans include live wordpress support and backups.

it also have additional features like staging environment. the plan 3 has elastic search that helps to boost your website search results faster for your visitors query.

Woocommerce Hosting

Woocommerce is an another worpress plugin that helps you to start and manage your online store effectively.

It offers seperate hosting plans for your woocommece online store.

the best hosting plan for who like to create online store on woocommerce. they offers storefront theme and marketing offers for all pricing plans.

you can host unlimited stores with premium or advanced plans.

10 Reasons to start with bluehost

  • Free domain for 1 year that saves you $14.
  • Free SSL certificate to secure your website.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee which increses your website presence in online.
  • Faster page speed or response time that improves your website performance.
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • 24/7 customer service support.
  • offers variety of hosting plans at best and affordable price.
  • most trusted and popular web hosting company being > 16 years in industry.
  • integrated with additional tools and apps to enhance your website
  • #1 Recommended web hosting by wordpress.


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