12 Best places to visit in france

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France is a popular tourist destination which attracts millions of travellers from all over the world. France is home to many iconic landmarks like eiffel tower, Louvre museum and mont saint michel. There are lot of things to see and do in france but you have to spend some days to get most out of your french trip. The country is filled with many beautiful places and cities, below we picked best places in france which can be loved by all kinds of visitors.


Paris is the first city that comes to our mind when we plan our trip to france. It is one of the most visited destination in the world and popular among tourists. Over 17 million international travelers visited this capital city of france in 2018. The city is home to world’s renowned fashion, arts,culture and iconic landmarks. Where eiffel tower is one of the highly visited tourist attraction in the world.

Notre-dame de paris is a well known cathedral in paris and draws many pilgrimage travellers due to its incredible architecture and history. The city is also economically very rich and also densely populated city in europe.

This northern city of france is also filled with historical museums and where ‘louvre museum’ is the most visited art museum in the world and sits on the right bank of the seine river. The museum attracted more than 9 million visitors in 2019. without doubt, paris is the best place to visit in france because of its historical landmarks, monuments, churches and tourist attractions.

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2. French Riveria

Cannes beach on french riveria

This beautiful coastal region is located in the southeastern part of france. The place is home to gorgeous cities like nice, cannes, antibes and saint-tropez. The french riveria is highly notable for its beautiful beaches, resorts, nightlife and its scenery.

The place attracts many millenial and luxury tourists all around the world. And Also one of the best place for partying.The nice is the largest and most visited destination in french riveria and attracts leisure travellers due its fantastic climate, beaches and beautiful views.

The french riveria is also well known for its famous events and festivals and some popular annual events are nice carnival, lemon festival, menton, Ralleye automobile monte-carlo, cannes film festival, formula one grand prix(monaco) and international circus festival.

3. Bordeaux


One of the famous city in france which is popularly known for its wine regions. Bordeaux is a port city situated on the garome river of southern france and also best known for its wine exhibition called Vinexpo.

It is largest wine growing region in france with over 120,000 hectares. You can also find some ancient buildings in the city and some of them are Opera narional de Bordeaux grand theatre and porte cailhau.Some top tourist spots in bordeaux are Cathedrale Saint-Andre, Place de la bourse, Basilique saint-michel and Musee dex beaux-arts.

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4. Marseille


A busiest port and also third biggest city in france. The city is home to picturesque buildings, beaches, boats and yachts and also many commercial activities are takes place in the area.

Vieux port and Le penier are some best places that are worth to visit in marseille.The Calanquea National Park provides boat tours for tourists to enjoy the scenic views of the town.

The Basilique notre-dame de la garde is well known church and tourist spot which sits on the top of hill in the city. The Cathedrale de la major near Le Panier is a impressive landmark with huge domed towers and perfect location for photographers to take pictures.

5. Lyon

Lyon aerial view

The city which considered as birthplace of cinema is one of the france’s beautiful place for travellers. The city is also home to more than 12 michelin restaurants and known as gastronomical capital of france.

The city is filled with many ancient monuments and an ideal place for tourists.Cotes de Rhone and The Beaujolis are famous wine growing areas which are located near lyon.

Some popular attractions in lyon are Musee des beaux arts, Old town, Colline de la croix Rousse, Basilique notre dame de fourviere and Presquile diatrict. You can also visit lyon during december to enjoy the ‘Festival of lights’ which occurs for four days.

6. Orleans

Orleans monument

A city in north france situated on the banks of the loire river. This city is also visited by Joan of arc and has nickname ‘ The maid of orleans’. The approximate distance between paris and orleans is 120 km, if you go by car.

Though the city is severely damaged in world war 2, it is one of the best destination in france. It is best known for its Music, Cuisine and festivals.

The city has two main railway stations which connects lille, paris, nevers, tours and other major plaaces. Must see sights in orleans are Parc floral de la source, Orleans Cathedral, Place du martroi, historic centre and hotel groslot.

7. Strasbourg

Strasbourg canal

Strasbourg is a capital city of grand est region of northern france. The city is home to european bodies like European parliament, The European court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe. It’s France’s most beautiful place and plays major role in Commercial and Cultural activities of france.

Alsation Wine is popular drink in Strasbourg and ideal place for wine lovers. The city attracts large visitors during christmas days and famous for its christmas market.Top Attractions: Cathedrale notre dame de strasbourg, Barrage Vauban, Alsatian Museum, Place Kleber and Palais Rohan.

8. Lille

Lille city centre

It’s tenth populous commune in france and situated near belgium border in northern france. The city belongs to french after Louis conquered it from spanish netherlands.

Vieux lille is most important centre to visit in lille which consists of 17th century buildings and houses.Top attractions in lille are Notre dame de la treille, old lille, Palais des beaux-arts, Grand palace, Maison natale charles de Gaulle and the town hall.

9. Annecy


Annecy is a alpine town and located 40 Kilometres from the border of switzerland. It’s also considered as ‘venice of the alps’ due to beautiful canals and river which passes through the city.

The region is surrounded with mighty and mesmerising mountains which makes annecy a scenic and enchanting place in france.

Lake annecy is a gorgeous lake which is very popular among tourists. Jardins de L’europe(natural park), Pont des Amours(bridge) and Palais de i’lle are main sights in the town.

10. Rennes


Rennes is capital of brittany region of northern france and well known for its traditional half timbered houses. If you are in paris then you can reach rennes within 2 hours by train. According to french newspaper L’express, rennes moved from seventh to first position in the list of best place to live in france because of its wonderful living environment.

Top attractions: Parc du thabor, museum of fine arts of rennes, cathedral saint-pierre de rennes, Les champs libres and Parlemant de bretagne.

11. Grenoble

Grenoble city river view

This french city is famous for its winter sports events, historical museums and universities. Grenoble is located in Rhone-Alps region and called as ‘Capital of Alps’. The town is surrounded with beautiful mountains and offers scenic views for visitors.

The place is also home to important research centres and industries.Top things to do in grenoble: Visiting Bastille, grenoble-bastille cable car, Musee de grenoble, Paul mistral park, Grenoble Archaelogical museum and musee dauphinois.

12. Toulon

Toulon cable car

Toulon is popular for fishing activities, Wine production, Naval Construction and manufacturing of Aeronautical equipments.

This port city is sits on the mediterranean coast in southern france and Toulon harbor is one of the busiest harbor in france which used for commercial activities like trading.

The city receives a moderate temperature and have most sunshine than other french coastal cities like nice.

Top tourist attractions: Musee de la marine, tour royale, mont faron cableway, Zoo fauverie du mont faron, Opera de toulon and vieille ville.

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Best places in france

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