15 Most beautiful places to visit in France

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France has many beautiful cities, towns and communes and one of must visit country in the world. To get most out of your france trip, we listed a some prettiest places which are enchanting, pleasing to your eyes and filled with wonderful sights and attractions.

1. Saint Tropez

Boats standing in st.tropez

This beautiful coastal town is located in the french riveria. If you love sandy beaches, Nightlife and Scenic views, then St.tropez is perfect place for you. This town draws many leisure and millenial travellers and one of must visit destination in french riveria.

Things to see & do: Visit Pampelone beach, spend your time in Vieux Port, Citadal, Maritime history museum, know the Cinema history in Gendarmarie Nationale and Take a walk at Coastline of Saint tropez.

2. Corsica

Corisca, france

Corsica is a mediterranean island surrounded with beautiful mountains, coastal villages and forest. The place is great for hiking and nature adventures. Corsica has a incredible beaches and mount cinto in corsica is second highest mountain in mediterranean.

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3. Loire Valley

Loire valley

Sometimes loire Valley called as ‘Gardens of France’ due to its Diverse Vineyards, Asphagarus Fields and Fruit Orchards. It’s sits along the loire river and one of prettiest destination to visit in france. This region is filled with Wonderful Ancient towns, Monuments and Mesmerising Landmarks. The loire valley wine region is popular Wine production area in france.

Things to See & do: Chateau de Chambord, Cathedrale Notre-dame de Chartres, Azay-le-Rideau, Visit Orleans, Bourges, Amboise and Tours.

4. Millau Viaduct

Millau viaduct, france

Millau viaduct is a long and massive bridge located near millau in southern france. The length of bridge is 2,460m and the height is 336m. The bridge was also featured in Series 2 of World’s Greatest Bridges. The bridge runs across the Tarn valley and connects the A75 clermont ferrand and Beziers motory.

5. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont saint michel in france

Mont saint michel is an island in normandy and one of the favorite tourist spot in france. Robert of Torigni was famous abbot of the mount. One of most visited pilgrimage destination in france and also part of UNESCO World heritage site which attracts over 3 million visitors per year. You can get there by train from paris which takes about three hours.

6. Provence

Lavendar fields in provence, france

Provence is well known for its mesmerising landscapes filled with lavendar fields. Its a popular holiday region in southeastern france. The place is also famous for sunny weather, food and wine.

Things to do: Visit Marseille, Popes palace (avignon), Senanque Abbey (gordes), The Saint-Victoire, Calanques, The Roman Aqueduct and The Lavendar fields

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7. Giverny

Gardens in giverny, france

Giverny is a beautiful village in normandy region which located 75 KM West of paris. The average time to reach giverny from paris by train is 60 minutes. Claude Monet, the famous painter was once lived here. The Museum of impressionism is a main art museum in the town which features various art works and conducts two exhibitions per year. This town is also well known for beautiful gardens and lakes

8. Colmar

Colmar and canal

Colmar is located on the Alsatian Wine Route and there are lot of things to do in colmar. Some incredible sites and activities are Petite Venise, cruising on the canal, walking around the market, visiting st. Martins church and trying best wines of alsace at town.

Colmar is also considered as capital of alsatian wine region. The canals which passes through town will reminds you Venice in italy.

9. Etretat

Etreat cliffs, france

Etreat is a incredible coastal town in region of normandy and the √Čtretat is well known for its chalk cliffs. The place has huge archway cliffs and also has beautiful atmosphere. You can find lot of restaurants and fish dishes are popular in the town.

The area is filled with beautiful beaches, villages and cliffs and a beautiful place to explore in normandy.

10. Chamonix

Mountain range in Chamonix

The enchanting resort area lies in the base of a mont blanc and popular for hosting 1st winter olympic games in 1924. It’s great destination for scenic views, adventures and fun. Chamonix is very popular among hikers and Skiiers. This is best place for travellers who loves nature and beautiful mountains.

11. Mont blanc

Mont blanc, france

Mont blanc is the highest mountain in the alps and rises 4,088m above sea level. It’s best place for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, trail running, skiing and snowboarding. Mont blanc is located between the regions of france (savoie) and italy.

12. Eguisheim

Narrow streets and houses in eguisheim

If you want to explore countryside of france, then Eguisheim is perfect place for you. This village is located in the Alsace wine region of north eastern france. Don’t forget to add this french medieval village in your bucket list. It’s well preserved village with half timbered houses and beautiful narrow streets.

It’s better known for producing high quality alsace wine which is very popular drink in alsace region. Also voted as the ‘Favorite french village’ and the village is member of ‘Les plus Beaux villages de france'(the most beautiful villages of france).

13. Yvoire

Lake view in yvoire

Yvoire is a elegant small town situated in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alps Region of france. One of the most beautiful small town in france which is worth to visit. The Garden of five senses is important attraction in the town.

The place is home to Picturesque landmarks, Villages and landscapes. It is also easy to reach geneva (switzerland) which located 24 Kilometres from Yvoire.

14. Seillans

Seillans village

Seillans is favorite holiday destination for locals of southeastern france. It has sunny climate which makes this town favourite spot for retirees and locals. It’s also home to beautiful houses and vineyards. The places is also well known for its Concerts and music shows which held frequently each year. This hillside commune is also recognized as one of beautiful villages of france.

15. Ecrins National Park

Glaciers in ecrin national park

France is home to many beautiful national parks where Ecrins is a must visit national park in france. It’s Second largest national park in france which is located near grenoble. This park is filled with high mountain ranges, Glaciers, Lakes and many nature attractions.

It consists of more than 100 summits and 60 lakes and home to picturesque landscapes. Over 800,000 Tourists are visiting this placs annually. Ecrins is a great place to explore in france and best destination for adventure enthusiasts.

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Beautiful places in france

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