12 most beautiful places to visit in italy

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Italy is popular country in europe filled with Historical monuments, Churches, Museums and Parks and great place for every travellers. There are lot of wonderful things to see and do here, but you have to spend some days to get most out of your italy trip.

If you are Traveller who loves Adventures, Foods or Culture lover, italy offers all you want from fun to thrilling experiences. As italy is home to many Beautiful towns and cities, we listed Some important italy towns which are So beautiful and enchanting.

1.San gimignano

San gimgnano, beautiful place in italy

San gimignano, a small hill town in tuscany and famous for its historical architectures and buildings . The place is also well known for its white wine and saffron. The town attracts most visitors from may to August. It’s best day trip from florence which located 60 Kilometres away. You can also rent a vespa to explore all corners of the town.

Some Notable places of the town are Piazza della Cisterna, Piazza Duomo,Sant’Agostino,Collegiata and Torre Grossa.

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2.Canale grande

Canale grande, venice

The canale grande is a channel which is situated in venice. The banks of this grand canal is filled with colorful buildings and can be beautiful spot for tourists. The canale Grande is also main waterway of venice,italy. This is nice photographic place for travellers. You can also enjoy main attractions of the city by cruising on grand canal and offers beautiful experience to cruisers.

this canal is 5 metres deep, 90m wide and approximately 4 km long and also act important Waterway in venice.

3. Sala comacina

Sala comocina, lake como

Sala comacina is a beautiful small town in coma region of italy and located about 60 kilometres from milan. Sala comacina can be great place for nature lovers who enjoy scenic views. The town is surrounded with hills and flora. It’s best place for leisure travellers to relax in weekend and to breathe fresh air.

Things to do: Swim in isola comacino, hike the Greenway del lago di como, Admire at Monte san primo mountain range and enjoy a panorimic views at Sacro monte di ossuccio.

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4. Santa margharita ligure

Santa margharita is located in liguria region in italy and its the commune of genoa. The port of Santa margharita is used for tourism and fishing activities. It’s calm and charming town with lot of things to see and do. by visiting this town, you can also explore Portafino, a beautiful village which located 3 km away from the town.

Things to do: Visit San fruttuoso abbey, Giardino di villa durazzo and play at Paraggi beach.

5. Portafino

Portafino, italy

This fishing village and holiday resort is located on the italian riveria. The village is popular for its harbor and colorful painted buildings. Parco naturale regionale di portofino is a beautiful nature reserve in the town and best place for all nature lovers.

Things to do: Visit Church of St. George, Church of St. Martin, Castello Brown, La cervara-San girolomo abbey and Statue of Christ of the Abyss.

6. Camogli

Camogli, italy

Camogli is another beautiful fishing village located in west of portofino. The place is popular among Tourists Camogli has train station and takes 10 mins to reach from santa margharita and 30 mins from genoa. Relax at seaside promenade which lined with bars and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy beautiful and scenic views by hiking on numerous hiking trails.

For more fun, rent a boat and enjoy a sailing across its neighborhoods like Portofino and Santa margharita ligure. This gives great experience among adventure lovers.

7. Montepulciano


Monepulciano is a hill town located in northern tuscony. This town is widely known for its Vino nobile red wine. It’s surrounded with vineyards and ideal place for wine lovers. The town offers scenic views to visitors and most picturesque place to visit in tuscony region of italy. You can also find some beautiful nature attractions around the town and also great place for nature lovers.

Things to do: San biago, Piazza grande, Val d’Orcia, Riserva naturale lucciola bella and gattavechi winery.

8. Nago-Torbole

Torbole, italy

Torbole is located on the north shore of lake garda. The ruins of Penede castle and The Saint Andrea church are some important sights in torbole. Its also good place for sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and other entertaining activities. Mesmerising Coasts, lakes and Hills makes this town, most enchanting place to visit in italy.

The town is filled with gorgeous houses which over looking lake garda. Things to do: hike at monte brione, Walk on the ponale road, Admire Cascate del varone park with waterfall and Visit Busatte adventure park.

9. Spoleto

Spoleto, italy

Its a city located in umbria region of italy and surrounded by hills and vineyards. San Pietro church, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Rocca Albornoziana and Roman theatre are important sights in the city. The city is well known for its annual festival, ‘dei due mondi’ also known as ‘Spoleto festival’ or ‘festival of two worlds’. You can find lot of interesting sights and attractions around the city from historical monuments to parks and churches.

Things to do: Visit Spoleto cathedral, Ponte delle torri (bridge), fonti del clitunno (park), Teatro Romano and Activo park.

10. Positano

Positano, italy

Positano is a village located in southern part of amalfi coast. Its a popular holiday spots for many tourists. The place is good for solo travelers, couples and families. Positano is filled with gorgeous beaches and attractions. You can also relax at cafes and restaurents across the town.

The town is great holiday destination for leisure travellers and offers wonderful experiences and relaxation to visitors. Tourists can chill out on coasts and beaches of the town. Also enjoy a beautiful views by driving on Amalfi corniche. Pilgrims can visit saint mary church, a popular landmark in the town.

11. Cinque terre

Cinque terre

Cinque terre is popular tourist destination in liguria region of italy. The town is famous for its Colorful buildings, Fresh seafood, Beaches and coastal villages. This town attracts many tourists and tourism plays important role in cinque terre economy. The harbors are filled with boats, yachts and important commercial area in town.

Cinque terre consists of 5 villages which are Manorala, Monterosso al mare, Vernazza, Corniglia and Riomaggiore. Mostly one or two days enough to explore these beautiful villages of cinque terre.

San giovanni battista, doria castle and via fegina are some popular attractions in the town.

12. Capri

Capri, italy

Capri is an italian island located in bay of naples. Blue grotto is best natural spot in capri and the place is well known for its beautiful landscapes, shopping, yachting and cuisine. The island is popular among tourists and one of must visit place in italy.

Capri is also best hang out destination among locals due to its beautiful beaches, bars and restaurants. Yatching is popular outdoor activity and also best thing to do here.

Things to do: wonder at blue grotto cave, experience beautiful views from Monte solaro, Visit villa san michele and Piazza umberto.

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Beautiful places in italy

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