16 Healthy Apple Smoothies for breakfast

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Apples are low in calories & contains good amount of dietery fiber. It’s also good for making smoothies & gives you thick shakes. Try these below smoothies made with apples & other nutrient rich ingredients.

1. Apple Banana Smoothie

Apple smoothie with oats & banana

If you want healthy & nutritious breakfast meal, then try this apple smoothie packed with good nutrients. It loaded with Oats, banana, plain yogurt, apple juice & cinnamon. It’s perfect for you, if you need quick & easy breakfast meal. Get the recipe from caroline’s cooking.

2. Apple Pie Shake

Apple pie yogurt smoothie

This is another healthy smoothie filled with nutrient rich foods. This thick & super delicious shake is rich in protein & highly recommended for growing childrens. The ingredients used are unsweetened almond milk, greek yogurt, nutmeg, ginger, banana, cloves & cinnamon. Get the recipe from gimme some oven.

3. Apple Spinach Smoothie

Apple spinach juice

You love this skinny shake because it’s rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals. It provides your body essential nutrients & help you to stay healthier. It’s a blend of cucumber, baby spinach, chia seeds, vanilla milk & lemon juice. Get the recipe from veg kitchen.

4. Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie

From kids to adults, everyone love this thick & creamy shake loaded with delicious ingredients. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids & other important nutrients. You can make this by blending flax seeds, peanut butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, banana & plain greek yogurt in a blender. Get the recipe from the lemon bowl.

5. Apple Chocolate smoothie

Apple chocolate shake

This creamy & super delicious smoothie is made with 4 ingredients. You can try this for your kids, if they love sweet & chocolate shakes. It’s a blend of almond milk, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter & medium apple. You can also replace protein powder with cocoa powder. Get the recipe from jennifer meyering.

6. Apple cherry juice

Apple cherry smoothie

This vibrant smoothie is made of 5 ingredients & comes with sweet flavour. The ingredients needed are dark sweet cherries, spinach, almond extract, spinach & chia seeds. Get the recipe from amazing paleo.

7. Apple Strawberry Smoothie

Apple strawberry smoothie

Start your morning with this antioxidant rich smoothie packed with superfoods. It loaded with frozen strawberries, honey, low fat milk & plain yogurt. Get the recipe from gimme delicious.

8. Apple Pear Smoothie

Apple pear smoothie with yogurt

Try this super healthy shake consists of nutrient rich ingredients. You can add this in your breakfast or lunch to get instant energy. The ingredients used are vanilla extract, ground nutmeg, cinnamon, chopped pears, milk, greek yogurt, apple & oats. Get the recipe from kristine’s kitchen blog.

9. Apple Buttermilk Smoothie

Apple raspberry smoothie

You need only 3 ingredients to make this creamy & delicious shake. It comes with wonderful flavour & it’s healthyway to start your day. It’s a blend of Apples, butter milk & raspberries. Get the recipe from philips.

10. Apple Avocado Smoothie

Apple avocado shake with banana

Try this vegan green smoothie to nourish your body with Vitamins, minerals & electrolytes. This energy boosting smoothie is made with spinach, avocado, almond milk, honey, banana & ginger. Get the recipe from well plated.

11. Apple Grapefruit Smoothie

Apple grapefruit juice

Start your day with this simple smoothie to get instant energy. Add this to your morning meal to get more vitamins. It’s made of 3 ingredients which are grapefruit, apples & fresh ginger. Get the recipe from erica julson.

12. Apple Beetroot Smoothie

Apple beet juice

The combination of apples & beets makes an healthy & nutritious smoothie. Drinking this everyday will help you to detox your body. It’s quick & easy to make. The needed ingredients are flaxseeds, grapes, apples, honey, water & cooked beetroot. Get the recipe from aline made.

13. Apple Blackberry smoothie

Berry oat smoothie

Try this immune boosting & super healthy shake made of 6 ingredients. Take this shake everyday to fuel your body with vitamins, minerals & fibre. It packed with almonds, berries, semi skimmed milk, natural yogurt and porridge oats. Get the recipe from bbc.

14. Apple Kale Juice

Drink this vegan & low carb shake every morning to get strong immune system. You can also include this in keto diet & help to lose fat. The ingredients needed are chia seeds, flax seeds, maple syrup, plant based milk & kale leaves. Get the recipe from a virtual vegan.

15. Apple Carrot Juice

Apple carrot juice

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A & also good for skin. This immune boosting juice is made with carrots, ginger, lemon & apples. It’s also perfectly fit in weight loss diet. Get the recipe from simple healthy kitchen.

16. Apple Turmeric Smoothie

Try this vibrant apple shake made with turmeric & other healthy ingredients. You can use this to cleanse your body as turmeric have powerful medicinal properties. The ingredients needed are ginger, turmeric, maple syrup, ice & water. Get the recipe from easy cooking with molly.

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