20 Almond Milk Smoothies for Breakfast


Almonds are rich in protein, fats, vitamin E & perfectly fit in keto diet. By using almond milk in your smoothies, you can make creamy & nutritious shakes. Include this in your regular diet to get essential nutrients.

most of these smoothies are made using unsweetened almond milk mixed with healthy ingredients. You can make them with in minutes by blending in a blender.

1. Banana almond milk Smoothie

Almond milk banana smoothie

This thick & creamy almond smoothie is loaded with healthy fats like mono & polyunsaturated fats good for heart & cholestral. It’s a blend of almond milk, almond butter & banana. You can also add almond extract as an optional. Get the recipe from bon appetit.

2. Cocoa almond smoothie

Almond butter cocoa smoothie

Try this sweet & buttery smoothie made with raw cocoa powder. It’s rich in anti-oxidants & also boost recovery from hard workouts. The ingredients needed are vanilla extract, almond butter, almond milk, banana, honey & cocoa powder. Get the recipe from the spruce eats.

3. Almond milk avocado shake

Almond avocado smoothie

Start your morning with this healthy green smoothie rich in vitamins & minerals. You need simple ingredients to make this shake. Blend chia seeds, avocado, almond milk, pineapple & spinach in a blender to prepare this delicious smoothie. Get the recipe from feel good foodie.

4. Strawberry Almond milk Smoothie

Almond strawberry smoothie

Try this super delicious shake comes with wonderful flavour & texture. This creamy shake is made with almond butter, strawberries, greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk & vanilla extract. Get the recipe from well plated.

5. Almond Papaya smoothie

Papaya almond milk smoothie

Try this energy boosting smoothie to get instant energy. You can drink this in morning or afternoon to fuel your body with essential nutrients. The ingredients are fresh pineapple, banana, ginger, lime juice, papaya & almond milk. Get the recipe from vegan family recipes.

6. Pomegranate almond smoothie

Pomegranate smoothie with dates

Try this low calrie immune boosting smoothie made with 4 healthy ingredients. You can make this by blending date, bananas, almond milk & pomegranate seed in a blender. Get the recipe from the green creator.

7. Coffee almond milk smoothie

Coffee cacao smoothie

Wake up with this creamy & delicious coffee shake loaded with healthy fruits, veggies & nuts. The ingredients are cacao powder, cauliflower, peanut butter, banana, vanilla extract & brewed coffee. Get the recipe from ambitious kitchen.

8. Keto almond smoothie

Almond keto smoothie

Try this healthy keto smoothie for weight loss & to strengthen your immune system. Each sip of the smoothie comes with delicious flavour & provides good nutrients. The ingredients are cinnamon, flax seeds meal, almond butter, nut milk, salt & collagen peptides. Get the recipe from i breathe i’m hungry.

9. Almond Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry almond butter smoothie

Add this nutritious smoothie to your breakfast made with nutrient rich ingredients. It contains healthy fats, carbs & protein. The ingredients used are almond butter, almond milk, oats, bananas & blueberries. Get the recipe from nourish and fete.

10. Easy Mango almond shake

Mango honey smoothie

This is very simple & easy to make smoothie needs only 3 ingredients. You can try this for your breakfast, if you have busy morning. The ingredients used are almond milk, frozen mango & honey. Get the recipe from the cookie rookie.

11. Almond milk peach smoothie

This is another simple shake made with 4 ingredients. You can serve this for breakfast, lunch or snack. You need almond milk, maple syrup, peach & bananas to make this smoothie. Get the recipe from a beautiful plate.

12. Almond milk Kiwi Smoothie

Green kale kiwi juice

Drink this vegan smoothie every day to detox your body & to stay healthy. It loaded with antioxidant rich veggies & fruits. The ingredients are kiwi, kale, unsweetened almond milk, flaxseed, banana & ice. Get the recipe from a sweet pea chef.

13. Almond Apple Smoothie

Almond milk apple smoothie

Try this thick & spicy almond smoothie made with cinnamon, apples, almond milk & agave syrup. Get the recipe from spoonful of kindness.

14. Almond Peanut butter smoothie

Almond peanut butter smoothie

Include this smoothie in your keto diet which contains low carbs & rich in protein & calcium. This creamy shake is prepared with avocado, monk fruit, peanut butter, almond milk & cocoa powder. Get the recipe from food faith fitness.

15. Almond raspberry shake

Raspberry smoothie

You need only 4 ingredients to make this delicious smoothie. Raspberries are rich in anti-oxidants good for childrens & adults. The ingredients are almond butter, almonds & frozen raspberries. Get the recipe from happy foods tube.

16. Pineapple almond smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

Drink this easy & simple smoothie after your meals to promote digestion. The enzymes present in pineapple helps you to stimulate & improve digestion. The ingredients are banana, unsweetened almond milk & pineapple. Get the recipe from roti n rice.

17. Almond Oatmeal Smoothie

Almond butter oatmeal smoothie

If you want quick breakfast meal, then try this oatmeal smoothie with almond milk. This energy boosting smoothie is rich in macro & micronutrients helps you to stay healthy & energetic. The ingredients are oats, almond butter, almond milk, cinnamon, banana & maple syrup. Get the recipe from wonky wonderful.

18. Cherry Almond milk smoothie

Cherry almond smoothie

Try this delicious smoothie comes with rich flavour. It loaded with nutritious ingredients which provides you major nutrients. It’s a blend of almond extract, dark sweet cherries, chia seeds, kale leaves & almond milk. Get the recipe from cadry’s kitchen.

19. Almond chocolate chip shake

Almond chocolate shake with ice cream

Make your kids happy by serving this delicious chocolate smoothie made with almond milk & extract. The ingredients needed are chocolate chips, almond milk, coconut milk ice cream, banana & strawberries. Get the recipe from cotter crunch.

20. Almond milk blackberry smoothie

Blackberries have good taste & flavour contains more anti-oxidants like other berries. By combining these berries & almond milk, you can make delicious & healthy shake. It made with greek yogurt, hemp seeds, blackberries, honey, almond butter & milk. Get the recipe from oh my veggies.